Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey Mom, This week has been another solid week. We've got another couple, Fredrico and Maria that said they are going to get baptized; they just have to pick a date. They're going to go to Oregon to get married so that they can get baptized. Jorge is doing really well too. He came to stake conference this week and everything. He's pretty much a dry Mormon (he goes to church and all the activities he just hasn't been baptized yet). On Saturday morning we went and did service for some people, and my companion Elder Ocaranza was feeling really sick. We went back to the house after and he puked. We had some appointments set clear out in Emmett, so we had another missionary come babysit him while Elder Padgett and I went out and worked. It was good to teach with just one missionary because I had to talk a lot more so it helped me with my teaching skills and everything. We were coming home that night, and I was feeling pretty sick. As soon as pulled in our driveway I jumped out of the car and puked everywhere. It was disgusting. I felt pretty sick that night and the next day, I'm sure it was the flu. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss my Mommy when I was sick, but I'm all better now. Today our whole zone went out to Melba, Idaho to the Leavitt's who have a really big house where we played sports and stuff and then they fed us steak. They're really closely related to Dixie Leavitt too, I told them that was my dad's mission president. I sent Dad the coordinates of my GPS. His new cheese snack actually sounds kind of good to me. Thanks for sending all the pictures of everybody and Sadie, keep doing that I really like to see pictures of what's going on! It's fun to show my companions too. Thanks for keeping me updated on everybody else too, I love hearing what everybody else is up too. I still haven’t heard anything on the Visa. I've made tons of friends here, and it'll be way hard to leave everybody, but I still really want to go to Mexico. I hope I find something out soon about it. I've got to go, hasta luego! Te amo! Love Elder Johnson

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