Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hola! WOW!!!! I am definitely not in Idaho anymore. I arrived here safely, and the secretaries picked me up from the airport, Elder Manazanarres and Elder Ruiz, both from other parts of Mexico. They live here at the mission office and I will be staying with them until Monday when I meet my companion. I’ve already ridden the metro (subway), eaten legit Mexican food, and tried some of the candy they have here. It’s really humid here and 70 to 80 degrees. The streets here are crazy; it will be a miracle if I make it my whole mission without getting hit by a car. They sell everything here; it’s kind of like the Chinatown we went to in New York on steroids. They have all the movies that are in theaters now in America for sale in Spanish, and stuff like that. The buildings here are all so big too, but the places where people live are little. There are houses on top of each other I can’t really describe it its really weird how all the buildings are set up. I met with the mission president, Presidente Morales, for like an hour today, and he is an awesome guy, even though I didn’t quite understand everything he told me in Spanish. It’s definitely going to be an adventure here! The address for the mission office is: Mexico Mexico City Southeast Mission Avenida Del Taller No. 540 Colonia Jardin Balbuena Delgacion Venustiano Carranza Distrito Federal CP15900 Mexico There are some packages here for missionaries that have been sent from the US and they look like they got here ok. Some of them had a couple Jesus stickers on them, and some of them did not, I’m not sure if it matters either way. There’s nothing that I can think of that I need yet, they seem so far to have everything I will need down here. Anyways I got to go, but I will talk to you again on Monday! I love you! Elder Johnson
Last dinner in Boise!
Mission home in Mexico City
Someplace in Mexico City

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