Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey Mom! This week has been really good, even though I had to say adios to Elder Benfit on Tuesday. We didn’t really sleep a whole lot our last night together. We were both up till like 3 am while he was packing and we still woke up at 6:30 the next morning. I’m now training my son Elder Rivera, from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha. He’s a really good elder, and is super excited to be here. He’s only 18 years old and the Mexicans that come from the MTC here are only there for 2 weeks and then they send them to the field. It’s weird to think that like 3 weeks ago he was still with his mommy. I’ve really realized how much I’ve grown up and matured here on the mission, and i don’t like thinking that I’m an old man now in the mission sense. I also was made District Leader this week, and it’s been pretty crazy with that and my new companion. They put a lot of pressure on us here as leaders, but I like it and I’ve been working super hard and learning a ton. We baptized Concepcion`s son yesterday, I was so happy that my companion could baptize somebody his first week in the field. He’s super excited too and already sent pics and told his mom all about it. I’m such a proud father! I’m also really happy for Concepcion, because one of her sons got baptized, and her other son has been coming to church the last couple of weeks but isn’t married so he’s still not quite ready, but through her example and how much her health has improved since her baptism, all of her family is getting to know the church. I still haven’t got the Valentines package; I’ll let you know when I do. Thanks for confirming that person on Facebook, he’s one of my good friends here, he’s 14 and got baptized a couple of months ago. I had heard a rumor from another elder that they were going to change our mission, that’s crazy you heard that too, I’m sure its true then. The change would happen in July, I’ll keep you updated. I’m sorry you’ve been so sick mom I’ll be praying for you, I love you and hope you have a great week! Elder Johnson My new "son", Elder Rivera Chicken feet. Everyone here loves them, I think they smell bad!! The baptism of Concepcion's son. My Zone

February 18, 2013

Hey mom, So the dream comp is now officially over, tomorrow we have to go the changes meeting. My comp is going to another area, and I’m going to be receiving a new greenie fresh from the MTC. I don’t know if he’s Latino or American because there are supposedly 4 new ones from the US and 4 from here. I’ll let you know everything next week. Today we’re just going to say goodbye to some of our converts and the other members and then he has to pack and then we’re going to a baptism of some of the other elders in our district tonight. This week has gone really good, but it has been a crazy week as well. I was actually only with my comp one day this week, and the rest of the week we were on divisions with the zone leaders and other missionaries. We had 2 baptisms this week of 2 cholo teenage boys. They’re really cool and they really have the desire to change and be better, something that most teenage boys like them don’t really care about. From seeing their friends and everything you can tell they hang out with a really rough crowd and but every time we pass by to teach them they ditch their friends and come with us, they’ve even invited their friends to listen to us as well. They got baptized yesterday after stake conference and their service was really special. Sorry I don’t have too much time this week either because we have to go and do a bunch of stuff to get ready for the new missionary tomorrow and my comp has to pack and everything but I hope you’re having a great time in Mesquite and keep up me updated on how everything goes. I love you! Elder Johnson Climbing to the attic to turn on the boiler to warm the water for the font. We left the boiler on too long and now it looks like we are in a sauna! Fish stew. It tasted pretty good but it was too much work! Baptism with Elder Benfit Rocking the matching sweaters! Elder Benfit saying some good byes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey Mom! Sorry for not writing you last week, I felt really bad for not being able to and didn’t want you to worry but what happened is that you’re right, it was a holiday here in Mexico but it wasn’t too wild or anything. We actually went downtown with some other missionaries and we all got back super late because of the traffic and when we got back we already had appointments to go to. Downtown was super fun though, I bought some ties and my comp and I bought matching cardigans. You could say we’re pretty classy! Thanks for giving me the updates on the super bowl and the Benemerito. Lots of the members here were sad to hear that they’re shutting the school down but they’re also happy to see that the missionary work is growing so much! That’s awesome SF won their region, but I hope Con and his back get better soon so he’s all ready for baseball. Tell him to write me I haven’t heard from him in a while. My teeth are doing really good; I haven’t had any problems or anything. I haven’t gotten the Valentine package yet but I’ll let you know when I do. The 14th is el dia de San Valentin here. The cycle ends on Sunday, but we still don’t know if we’ll be having transfers yet, they tell us on Sunday night, I’ll let you know next week. How was your lesson on Adam and Eve? That’s funny that was your lesson because we’ve been studying that a ton this last week and have been trying to think of a good way to teach it. Everything has been going really good for us; we’ve been working incredibly hard, like I think harder than any other companionship has ever worked! We were going to have 2 baptisms this week of Concepcion’s grandkids but their dad who had told us he wanted to get baptized too, changed his mind and wouldn’t give them permission and doesn’t even let them come to church anymore. We were really sad for them, but there are also 2 other teenagers that we’ve been teaching who have been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon and should be getting baptized this week. So I was on divisions with an elder from Heber the other day and that night we were in an appointment and right when we had finished the opening prayer he jumped up and ran to the bathroom and started puking! It was so gross but funny at the same time and it was super hard for me not to laugh. We do divisiones for 48 hours, so that night he slept at my house and the whole night he was up puking and everything. He’s been in Mexico longer than me, so I’m still amazed at how I didn’t get sick too. Time is going by super fast, its freaking me out that I come home in October, I try not to think about because I want to focus and take advantage of all the time I have left. I love this work and have seen so many miracles here. The Lord has blessed me so much and I’ve been able to learn so many important things that will help me for my whole life. I’ve made lots of great friends here too and I’ve already got plans to go snowboarding with 3 other elders that are in my district right now when we get back! I hope you have a great week, and sorry again for not writing last week I felt bad. I always love hearing what’s going in SF. Tell Con good luck this week with the state tourney and everything. I love you! Elder Tyler Freaking Johnson