Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Mom,

This week has been great. My Spanish is getting better everyday, I can
understand a lot of what people say, it's still hard for me to speak it
very well though. For some reason it’s easier to understand men more than women, and it's kind of hard when lots of the people we talk to are from different Spanish countries because they all have unique accents. I gave my first blessing in Spanish on Saturday night to an older guy from El Salvador. My Spanish was really bad in it, but the spirit was strong and that's the important thing.

I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. I got to choose the
topic and was asked to speak for 12 minutes. I chose the Doctrine of
Christ, because that's one of the few things that I can talk about in
Spanish, and ended up talking for 15 minutes!

This week we've had some interesting lessons. While we were tracting this week we came across a Pentecostal lady. At first she told us that she wasn’t interested, but after talking to her for a minute she asked us if we could come back. We went back the next day and were with her for 3 hours! She had some pretty different beliefs, but when we left she promised she would read part of the Book of Mormon. We both shared lots of scriptures and everything it was pretty intense. She could speak Spanish and English too so it made it easier for me to understand everything. We also talked to a guy who is a 7th Day Adventist, but used to be a Mormon. His beliefs are even crazier than the other ladies, and my companion and he got into almost an argument because he was telling us how he used to be just like us, even though he didn’t serve a mission or have a testimony or anything. Anyways I'm just glad to know that our Church is true and that we really have the true Gospel of Christ.

I got your package and letter from Brock on Wednesday I think. I got them a week after you sent them. The mission office forwarded them to our house. I can get packages, it just takes a little longer than I thought because they had to forward it but it’s all good. It's still best to send stuff to the mission office because I think they can forward it to Mexico if I leave too. Thanks for the treats!

Thanks for keeping me updated, I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Johnson

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