Friday, February 24, 2012


When Tyler was a baby I worked full time and was in need of a baby sitter. My friend Marnae Ballantyne introduced me to her amazing sister in law Brandi Ballantyne. Brandi began tending Tyler when he was just a few months old; then Connor came along and the two of them were tended by the wonderful Ballantyne family. The Ballantyne’s had 2 little boys of their own so Ty and Con spent a lot of time with Christopher and Cameron Ballantyne. Those 4 little boys were great friends and Brandi and her husband Paul were always so good to Tyler and Connor. After our boys had spent several years in the Ballantyne home, the Ballantyne’s moved to American Fork, then on to Meridian Idaho which is right next to Boise. Fast forward about 12 years….those little boys grew up!! The oldest Ballantyne son (Chris) just returned this week from serving a mission in California. Since Tyler is still in Boise waiting on his visa to come thru, he was able to attend Chris’s homecoming and become re-acquainted with this fabulous family. Marnae had traveled to Idaho for Chris’s homecoming and was able to take some treats from home to Tyler and to give him a hug from his momma!! The Ballantyne’s invited Tyler and his companions over to their home for brunch and made them feel right at home. It was a GREAT day for Tyler!! Here are some pictures that Marnae sent to me of these darling past, present and future missionaries.
Elder Christopher Ballantyne-Returned Missionary, Elder Johnson-Current Missionary, Cameron Ballantyne-Future Missionary
Tyler with Brandi Ballantyne (his other mother for many years!)
Tyler with Marnae Ballantyne
Tyler with his companions, Elder Ocaranza and Elder Padgett

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