Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hola Momma! Wow I can’t believe that Con is a graduated and working man now and that Brock is a teenager, time is going by super-fast! It sounds like ya`ll have had a pretty fun week with baseball, graduation, and all the big parties and stuff. This week has gone really good for us, but the rainy season is definitely here! It has poured almost every day this week. I honestly love going hard in the rain it’s fun for me and it doesn`t feel so hot outside. Ya the Elder Johnson that came from the 70 is the same one that came and visited us a couple months ago. Actually there’s a new Elder Johnson from Arizona that just got to our mission as well, and guess what his first name is? Tyler. Ya Elder Tyler Johnson too, but we all really know who The Elder Tyler Johnson is right? So anyways if you can put my middle name on things when you send them to me just to avoid any confusion but if you send me something without my middle name it’s not too big of a deal either. Life in La Perla is still going really good. We baptized a husband and wife yesterday, and have been blessed to now have baptized people for 7 weeks straight. The Lord honestly has bless us so much and I love sitting in church on Sundays and seeing how the ward has grown and keeps growing. I`ve been working so hard and I love seeing the fruits of our labors. Time is going by super-fast, every week flies right by because I spend half the time on divisions, sleeping in other missionary’s houses, doing interviews, going to meetings. It’s awesome, I love this work! This week we had a meeting for all the elders who are currently training and our companions. President asked all of us how many we had baptized and my companion and I had the most and President used us as an example for everybody. I`m not saying it’s a contest with the numbers or anything but it felt so good to be recognized for our work and know that I`m an example. The people that got baptized this week were super golden. Jesus and Catya are a couple that were living together but weren’t married. Catya`s mom got baptized in another ward a little while ago and that is what sparked their interest. We`ve been visiting and teaching them a lot and they have received everything muy bien. We taught them the law of chastity and the next day they got married so they could get baptized. They`re so awesome and open to do whatever God wants of them. They got baptized yesterday and the brother is already going to an interview with the bishop tomorrow so he can get the priesthood next Sunday. I forgot it was Memorial Day, I’m glad you guys could go to the cemetery and remember our family members with flowers and everything. I hope you have a great week, keep me updated on all how summers going and everything else. I love you! The Elder Tyler Johnson

May 20, 2013

HEY MOMMY!! This morning we went to one of the stake centers from our mission to hear Elder Halstrom, of the presidency of the 70 and his wife speak to us. Also Elder Johnson from the 70 and our Presidente Morales and his wife spoke to us as well. It was part of an 11 day tour of Mexico that Elder Halstrom, Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson are doing. It was really cool and he spoke to us about repentance, and how we can all be better at something, and then gave us time to ask him questions about the work. We went together as a zone to the conference, as it was about an hour away from our area in a bus that we rented. The work is still going great here in La Perla. This week a couple got married on Friday that we have been teaching and they both got baptized yesterday. Luis and Sofia are the parents of 2 kids that got baptized 1 and 2 weeks ago. It was so great to see them come together as a family, and see the changes that they have made. My companion baptized the mom and the dad asked me to baptize him. I know that this is exactly what the Lord wants, He wants the families to be together and hopefully they can do everything they need to be able to enter the temple and be sealed in 1 year. I´ll send you the pictures next week because my camera died and the pics are only my comps camera. Yesterday at church was a great day. Karim, a convert that we baptized about 4 weeks ago blessed the sacrament and David, a 14 year old kid that we baptized about 6 weeks ago gave a talk in church. The Spirit was so strong and I felt so great and content to be able to see both of them participating and progressing in the Gospel. So the drama with my poor toe continues. My toe was still really hurting me these last couple of weeks so I went to the doctor on Friday and the doctor first just tried to take my ingrown toenail out again without anesthesia, but it was pretty infected and was hurting me like crazy, so for the first time in my whole life I asked the doctor for a shot!!!! And the crazy thing is he said he couldn’t give it to me because he´s restricted to give them to elders. I was super worried but after like 5 minutes of begging him to numb my toe he gave me two shots and took the ingrown toenail out. Don’t worry I have it all on video I was screaming and everything, but I’m all good now. Mom I hope you get feeling better really soon, I’ll be praying for you every day. Thank you so much for all the support and for always writing me and remembering me. Have a great week I love you!!! Elder Johnson

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey mom! So sorry I was kinda wrong I don’t really have a whole lot of time to write today because we went bowling and ate at Chilies and Dairy Queen. I absolutely loved seeing you guys yesterday. It was so great to be able to talk about everything and I`m glad that everything is going so well. Please keep sending me updates on Con and Brock`s baseball and everything else. Oh ya I`m with Elder Harrison right now and his mom said the same thing too about how you guys already talked and she saw the pictures of us you sent to her and everything. I`m sorry you have to work today but I hope you have a great day of work, I`ll send you pics next week, there’s lots I wanna send I just don’t have the time right now. I love you have a great week, and happy mothers day again. You`re the best mommy ever! Love Elder Johnson

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May6, 2013

Hey Mommy! So this week’s letter is going to be a little short because I’ll be talking with you guys on Sunday, and we don’t have a whole lot of time either because we went to downtown Distrito Federal today. The prom pics are way cool it looks like a fun group. Things are going awesome right now. We had another baptism yesterday. Adriana, a 14 year old girl got baptized. She`s the only member from her family but her mom and little brothers came to church the day she got baptized and we`ve been teaching them as well. We did a really cool family home evening with her whole family and the member family that gave us their reference on Saturday night. We watched Mormon message with them and talked about forgiveness and then played a couple of games. It’s awesome to see that because of Adriana the whole family is getting excited now and learning more about the gospel. I had one downer this week. On Thursday I went to a doctor to get an ingrown toenail cut out. It hurt like a mother and they didn’t give me anything to numb it once again. I was literally screaming and punching the cement wall because it hurt so badly. I`m so done with Mexican healthcare... But the good thing is it feels all better now and it`s not bothering me at all. Today we went to downtown Mexico City it was way fun. 6 of us went and we met a couple of other elders there. We mostly just went around like tourists seeing some of the sites here. I sent you a couple pics. The craziest part was on the way home, it was rush hour and the metro was so full, the first 2 times the metro passed by we couldn’t even fit. We actually tried to the second time and the other people pushed us out and the door closed on me! That’s why I had to teach all the other elders to "box out" it was hilarious. It was crazy we finally got on after and we couldn’t even move, I got a little claustrophobic and there’s not really any air conditioner it was like a sauna in there with so many people. I would have loved to have a picture of that but I couldn’t even reach into my pocket to grab my camera because we were all so crammed in there. I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Sunday, its freaking me out that it’s the last time I’ll talk to you before I get home and talk to ya`ll in person! We`ll be fine mom don’t worry, we`ll just go home in taxi or something. I have to call you guys that late because as DL I have a meeting every Sunday afternoon so my son is going to talk to his family earlier with another elder and then I and another DL are going to go call our mommies. I honestly love what I’m doing and am so grateful to be a tool in the Lord`s hands. I know this church is true and that God loves us and through Christ`s atonement we can be clean and have the peace and joy that we`re all looking for. Have a great week I love you! Elder Johnson Me teaching the Elders to "box out" on the Metro The Elder's "boxing out"! Trompo-this is what the tacos are made of, it is so good but I'm not sure what it is! A Cathedral in DF A Museum in DF King Nezahualcoyotl