Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012

¡Hola! So this was an interesting week. I had my first ingrown toenail, and I hope I never have another one. It had been bugging me for about a week, so on Wednesday night my companion tried to cut it with some scissors we had. He said he knew what he was doing, but I’m really pretty sure he didn’t. Anyways the next morning when I woke up my toe was really big so I called the doctor and had to go see the mission doctor that day, and he lives in the MTC which is right by the Mexico City temple. A member, Jorge, gave us a ride there, and the doctor said that my toe had lots of infection, and he gave me a prescription to buy some pills but that’s all he did because he’s just a general doctor. After that we went to the temple and ate. It’s way cool looking; I’ll send you some pics. Anyways after that we went back to the Jorge’s house and we ate and watched some movies and stuff because I wasn’t supposed to walk for a couple of days. When his wife got home from work she told us she had a friend who was a podiatrist so we went to see her to see if she could help me. She cut my nail, and I think it was honestly the most painful thing that I’ve ever had done in my life. She didn’t numb it or anything because she said there was a chance I could have an allergic reaction. For the first time in my life I actually wanted to get a shot but I couldn’t! After like half an hour of cutting and digging on my poor toe she finished. Jorge and my companion had to grab me so I wouldn’t move, it was quite the site. Anyways the next day I felt a little better and we went to our zone conference. Sister Morales, the President’s wife had heard what happened with my foot and made me take my shoe off during the meeting. The doctor told me that I shouldn’t walk for a couple days, so after the conference we just went home and watched church movies. The next day we worked though and yesterday we had a cool experience where one of our investigators was baptized by her husband, who had been less active. They got married on Friday, and then her husband talked to the bishop and everything so that he could baptize her. She’s nineteen years old and 8 months pregnant too, so it was really cool to be able to help their family start out right. I had already gotten the package with the CD´s and the money and everything, and then at zone conference I got the other package with the garments and candy. I also got the package from Brother Garcia at zone conference. You don’t need to worry about putting on the packages that they need to be delivered before one o clock, even though I liked the Spanish you used on the shipping label. Thank you so much for everything, the hard drive is really nice. Tell Brother Garcia thanks very much too. Everything’s going great, and I have everything I’ll need for a while. I’m glad you guys got my packages, that’s a bummer the axe got confiscated, that was the coolest thing I sent to you guys. Hopefully I can go the pyramids again and I’ll buy another one. Thanks so much for everything, I love you! Love Elder Johnson Zone Conference Elder Johnson and his companion at the Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hey Mom! So on Tuesday I got my new companion, Elder Flores from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. He´s pretty cool and really relaxed. He has 20 months on the mission, and will go home in October. It’s still too soon to tell if he’s clean yet, I’ll let you know when I find out. We’ve worked pretty well this week, but didn’t baptize because none of the investigators we have that are ready to be baptized are married! This Friday we have zone conference, and we also have to go with a couple that day to the judge so they can get married, and then the wife can get baptized hopefully this Sunday. Yesterday at Sacrament meeting, we walked in late, after the sacrament because we had to go to bring some investigators to the church. Right as I walked in, the brother that was conducting said that we’ll now be hearing from Elder Johnson. I was not prepared at all, and I literally dropped my backpack and walked up onto the stand. My talk turned out okay though. There was also an ex-missionary from Utah that was in our sacrament meeting yesterday that was visiting his mission with his wife. Anyways I talked to him and he’s going to be bringing a package to you guys from me this week when he gets back. He’s going to BYU right now so hopefully dad or you can meet him somewhere over there. I hope you guys have fun camping this week, I’m kind of jealous to not be going! Let me know how it goes. Thanks for giving me the news on everybody, it’s great to hear what everybody’s up to. Send Brayden a message on Facebook that says I want him to email me at tylerjohnson13@ myldsmail.net please. That’s crazy that Greg Taylor is already done. Keep on keeping me updated with everything. How was the Miss UT thing? I got the package with the CDs and treats from Disneyland, thank you! I’ll let you know when I get the other one from Brother Garcia. Thanks for everything Mom! I love you! Elder Johnson

June 11, 2012

Well Hello... This week has been really good; we baptized one 15 year old kid, named O. My companion baptized him as it will be the last baptism of his mission because he’s going home on Wednesday! We also found lots of new investigators that came to church yesterday. Speaking of church, it was really good that we had lots of investigators in sacrament meeting because our mission president was there. All he did was ´planch´ (planch means iron in Spanish, it’s like he grilled everybody) all of the members the first hour, and then we had the sacrament meeting the last hour after Sunday school and everything. Our mission president is a really good guy. He’s about a foot shorter than I am and loves to grill people too, he makes me laugh sometimes. He talks really fast too, like he’s from Guatemala, not like the people from here. Anyways tomorrow we have the exchanges, where I’ll be leaving my companion one day in the mission office and then he’ll go home Wednesday morning. I still don’t know who the new companion is I’ll be getting, I just hope it’s somebody that is clean. My companion right now is not very clean in the house and it’s been driving me crazy! But we’ve gotten along pretty well this last transfer. I’m really anxious to see who my new companion is going to be. All we’ve done for P day today is wash our clothes, clean the house, and then my companion has been packing. We’ve been teaching a ton this week and haven’t had time to do anything in the house. We should have a couple people that are ready to get baptized this weekend too. Anyways I gotta go; my companion wants to go say bye to everybody. Thanks for everything, I love you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

Hey Mom! This week was really crazy. I did exchanges with Elder Ortega on Tuesday and worked in another area, and then on Wednesday and Thursday I did exchanges with Elder Goodrich, who has only been here for a month and worked here in area Texcoco. It was really good to work with both of them, and I’m getting to be really confident as the missionary who has to do the majority of the teaching and talking. Also on Thursday morning I went to Los Reyes, a city about an hour away, to help the family get married that we baptized last week. The rule is they can’t get baptized until they’re married, but they promised they wouldn’t sleep in the same house until they were married so we were able to baptize them last week. This Saturday we thought we were going to have another baptism of a 15 year old kid, but he never showed up to his own baptismal service, so we called him and then he told us he wasn’t sure anymore and didn’t want to get baptized today. It kind of stunk because the baptismal font was all full and everything was ready to go, but I guess there’s not really a whole lot we can do. This week is the last full week of my companion’s mission; it’s so weird with him getting ready to go home and everything. I’m going to miss him, we’ve been working really well together and we’re really good friends too. It has still been really hot here this week, and then it rained really hard on us on Saturday and we were out running through it for a while. I think it might have made me sick, because I woke up on Sunday with a sore throat and not feeling very good, but luckily there’s a sister who is a doctor in our ward and she checked me out at the church and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. They changed the law 2 years ago and now you have to get a prescription for antibiotics here. Other than that though, I’m perfect health wise. My feet are better and everything. Today for P day it was our zone activity. Every 6 weeks we have an activity as a zone where we try to do something a little fun. Today we went clear to the center of Mexico City to a wax museum and the Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. It was pretty fun, and the best part was we got to go eat at Carl’s Jr. after. It was the most like America I’ve felt since I’ve been here. They had English music and everything! Have you guys seen Men in Black 3 yet? I’ve already seen the pirated version on sale on the streets and everything, man I really want to see it. It will be on my list after the Avengers. I’m glad to hear everything’s going good and you’re off to another busy summer. That’s good primary is going better, you would really definitely appreciate the organization in our ward if you saw how things are ran here. It would be so weird to start on time for once! I still haven’t gotten any packages from you guys, but I’ll let you know when I do. I’m thinking I should hopefully get them at the exchanges next week. Thanks for everything mom, I love you! Elder Johnson PS I’m pretty impressed with your espaƱol! Elder Johnson & Elder Scott who were companions in the MTC, with another Elder also from the MTC Doing some teaching at the wax museum!