Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Mom!
Sorry I wasn't able to email you yesterday, I didn't have very much time because we had to do transfers and everything. Anyways this has probably been my best week out in the field so far. My companions and I are way good friends, and I'm really tight with lots of the other elders here too. The work here is starting to progress a lot too. I committed our first person in this area to a baptismal date this week too which was super cool.

This week I have been really grateful for a lot of things. We have been without a car this week because it was in the shop getting fixed, and so it was hard to get to all of our appointments by walking because we cover an area that is like the size of Spanish Fork, Mapleton, and Salem combined. We were really blessed to find lots of people to help us get where we needed to go. Hermano Gomez, who lives in the house above us, gave us rides almost everyday this week and was a great help in our lessons too. Also one day we were walking in the rain, and still had like 3 miles to get to our dinner appointment when a guy pulled up to us and handed us $50 and gave us a ride in his truck to the house. Another day, one of our dinner appointments cancelled and so brother Gomez took us back to his house and to eat, and a member of the stake presidency saw us so he stopped by and took us 3 missionaries, and the Gomez family out to eat to Saccano, it's a Japanese restaurant exactly like Tepanyaki back home. He bought us steak and shrimp and everything. Also, when I went to the doctor on Friday, I talked to him a little bit and found out he served a mission in Brazil. He was pretty nice, but only had a little time to talk. Anyways when I went
to check out at the front desk the lady told me that I didn’t need to worry about paying anything, that he didn’t charge me for my visit.

We had transfers yesterday, and my companion from Peru was replaced
with Elder Ocaranza who is from Chile, but his lived in Utah for 13 years. I still have Elder Padgett as my trainer/dad. We still have the elder from Alberta living with us, and he got a new companion from Richfield, Utah, Elder Jones, who is a bow hunter too! You'll have to ask Kev if he knows any Jones from Richfield.

We went to the Idaho capitol in Boise yesterday, I'll send you some pics from the governor’s office and stuff like that in just a minute.

Things just keep getting better; there is no better work than bringing
souls to Christ! I hope everybody's doing great at home. Thanks for

El Elder Johnson

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