Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Mom,
Things here in the exotic Boise Idaho mission are going quite swell. We've done lots of tracting this week, and I've learned a couple of things during that time: 1- Lots of people in trailers and apartments like to smoke weed 2- The old people here are really super nice or super mean, there is no in between and 3- People here love Boise State, and you can use that to start a conversation with anybody! The members here are still feeding us a ton, and if I don’t go to Mexico soon I'm going to get fat. Still haven’t heard anything about the Visa, we got some more Mexico Visa waiters this week too. We've found quite a few potential investigators this week, and we have two pretty solid investigators, but both couples live together and they're not married, so they can’t be baptized until they do that. Pretty much everybody we talk to is illegal too, so in order to get married they have to go to Oregon to do it because it's illegal to get married if you’re an illegal in Idaho. This week it snowed a ton on Wednesday I think, and we were on our way to a new missionary meeting, and another elder freaking wrecked our corolla into pole. It was pretty funny because I wasn’t driving. We also had zone conference this week too, it was pretty good. President Cannon is a stud. P day was pretty fun today. First I bought some sweet plaid and striped socks, and a new paisley tie. Then we went and played basketball with a bunch of other elders. After that we went to the Cabela’s in Boise and wandered around it was pretty cool, but it’s smaller than the one in Utah. I saw Connors first paycheck and black eye; tell him I'm proud that he's finally a working man. It sounds like you had a good stake conference. It's way cool that Jarrett and Jason have been so good to Brock, they're studs. I love it here, and I can’t wait until I actually can understand Spanish so that I can contribute more to lessons. The people here are so nice, and I learn so much everyday. Thanks so much for everything. I got to run, we're doing a FHE for a family tonight. Hasta Luego!

I love you!
Elder Johnson
Elder Johnson at Cabela's in Boise!

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