Monday, April 2, 2012

¡Hola! It sounds like everybody is going to be busy for a couple of weeks. What part of California is the baseball tournament? Are you going to do anything fun there? The highlight of this week was definitely Conference. We missed the Saturday morning session because we had to help with a baptismal service for another missionary in our district, but we watched every other session. I watched part of it in Spanish, and part in English too because the stake center we were at had it on English for all the gringo missionaries in a little room. I could understand most of it in Spanish, but its just way better to be able to hear their actual voices and everything. It was a great time, and we ate a ton both days. I learned a ton too from everybody on how I can be a both a better missionary and a better person. This week we didn’t baptize, but we took a couple to the judge to get married, and they and another couple should get baptized this week. I still haven’t got the package yet, but tomorrow I have to go to the mission office to renew my Visa or something, so hopefully I should get it then. I’ll let you know. Today we went and hiked to some ruins that have baptismal fonts built in them. It was amazing, I’m sure they have to be from the Nephites. Thanks for sending the pictures too, it's good to see what everybody’s up to. Send me some from the trips this week too. Let me know how everything goes! My stomach is getting better, I think my intestines will have callous’s when I get home. I’ve been living off the peanut butter that you sent me for Christmas. By the way I think I’m going to buy a new suit next month. Thanks for everything, I love you! El Elder Johnson

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