Monday, April 30, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey Mom So this week we have worked really, really hard and it has paid off. We had 4 baptisms yesterday, a couple in their 50`s, and their son and his wife. We also confirmed the boy that I baptized 2 weeks ago. I’m emailing you from the Federal District right now, it’s the capital of Mexico and it’s so big. We visited all the cool sites here with 2 of our investigators, and I got some really cool pictures, but I still don’t have my cable with me so I’ll email you the pictures next week. This week the people here have been pretty crazy. Starting this last Friday they had a holiday every day of the week until yesterday. They were marching in the streets with crosses and everything, and in one part of Mexico City they actually nail a real person on a cross, but we aren’t allowed to go and see that. They did fireworks until 5 in the morning Saturday night too, it was hard to sleep. They don’t celebrate Easter here, just Passover. The good thing is now all the celebration is over. It was way hard to find new people during the holidays because nobody was in their houses. I didn’t feel this last earthquake; it must not have hit Texcoco very hard. This week we married a couple, and after they took us to a Chinese buffet. If you think the buffets in the US are sketchy, you should see the one we ate at here in Mexico City! It actually was pretty good though, you know I love Chinese! I met Elder Pemberton just for a minute a couple weeks ago at a meeting. He recognized me first and told me his dad was my seminary teacher. I’ll probably have my companion for 8 more weeks because he is my trainer. He’s a good missionary. I’ve learned a lot how to be patient and humble. It sounds like you guys are having fun on all of your trips. I’m jealous you guys got to go to Disneyland! Let me know how the high school does this week. I still haven’t got the package yet, the other elder from the US have told me it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, so there’s still a little time for me to get it. I’ll let you know. Don’t send me anything else though until I get the first one. I’m probably going to buy a new suit the first week of May. Sorry I don’t have lots of time to talk, we have to go back to Texcoco which is an hour away for a meeting tonight. I love you! Elder Johnson

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