Monday, April 30, 2012

Hola Mom! I can’t believe I hit my 6 month mark this week, the first quarter is already done! This week has been good, we weren’t able to baptize anybody, but we found lots of new investigators, and got some really good referrals. This has been the best week with my companion; we’ve gotten along pretty well. We have transfers tomorrow though, and I’ll be staying here in Texcoco and my comp is leaving. Another missionary, I don’t know who yet, will come here and finish training me. I’ll miss my companion, but I’m definitely excited to get somebody new at the same time. It was my comps birthday this week so one of the families gave us tres leches cake, and we went to Burger King for breakfast that day. I haven’t been very good at all about writing in my journal, but that’s my goal for this new cambio to try and write in it every day. We can see the smoke from the volcano right now, but it’s pretty far away from us and it hasn’t affected anything here. I still haven’t bought a new suit yet, I took the money out though because hopefully I can go to the District to buy one next week. I haven’t heard anything about talking to you guys for Mothers day, I’ll try and find out this week and let you know. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to call you on the Saturday before or not. That’s way cool Jared and Davian have a new baby boy, tell them congrats for me. Let me know if you get the pics of the pyramids and everything. I’ve been storing all of the pictures so far on my USB, and if I can’t get a hard drive, I’ll just buy another USB, they’re pretty cheap. Don’t worry about sending me the package, There’s nothing I need right now, and I still haven’t gotten the first one you sent. I’ll let you know if I’m going to Skype or call you next week. I have no idea how it works here. Has anything exciting happened lately? Keep me updated; it’s fun to hear what everybody else is up to. I got to run, thanks for everything Mom! I love you! Elder Johnson

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