Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey Mom! ¡Temblor! That’s how you say earthquake in Spanish; I learned that word this week. We were in our house and I was actually on my knees praying when it happened and the room started moving and I thought wow I really am sick. The room kept moving though, and I looked at my water bottle and all the water in it was moving too, so I knew something was up. My comp was outside washing his clothes, and I yelled for him and when I went out there I could hear everybody in the street screaming. It only lasted for about 45 seconds though and I heard that there weren’t any deaths but a bridge collapsed somewhere. It felt pretty weird, and it’s all people have been talking about this last week. I’m fine though, there’s definitely nothing to be worried about! This week we have been working way hard. We’ve been walking up to 20km per (12.5 miles)per day and found 14 new investigators this week! I baptized an 8 year old kid yesterday too, M. It was a way cool experience. His mom cried and everything. His parent’s can’t be baptized yet because they aren’t married, but we’ve been working really hard with them too. I promised them I would buy them a wedding cake if they get married because they’re still not sure if they want to do it. Ok and now to answer your questions: Pueblos are just little Mexican Towns and we cover 4 or 5 of them. There are a couple thousand people that live in each one. We live in Texcoco which is a pretty big city, and the Centro de Texcoco has lots of stores and everything in it. My feet are a little sore but fine and I can actually get really nice shoes here for cheap. There are Zapaterias (shoe stores) everywhere. I think lots of the shoes from the companies in the US are made here in Mexico. Our house is made of cement, and it has one bedroom and another little room that we use as a closet. We don’t have a microwave or an oven, but we have a fridge and a little stove thing, kind of like a really ghetto electric camp chef. Our house doesn’t have heat or AC, but it feels pretty comfortable in there most of the time. We have a fan too for when it gets really hot. I have plenty of blankets and everything for night time. I learned how to do my laundry by hand the other day, I only washed my socks though and then today we went to a member’s house to do the rest of our laundry. There are little convenient stores everywhere, and we’re not too far from Wal-Mart either. I´ve been eating tons of peanut butter sandwiches and Maria´s cookies. On Mother’s day it sounds like we’re going to be able to Skype, but I have no idea how that works yet. See if you can figure out how that works please. Anyways we’ve got to go to a zone meeting, so I have to go for now. Thanks so much for everything Mom, I love you! Elder Johnson

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