Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad

So the trip to Boise was really fun but unproductive. There were 10 of us that went from the MTC, and 3 others that were serving in Boise for a couple weeks to get our visas. Everybody got their Visa but me. I don't know why I didn't. According to the Mexican Consul the people in SLC didn't send all of the papers they needed to for me. According to the MTC travel office, the Mexican place just hasn't done what they have needed to yet, so I really have no idea what the status of that is. Don't worry, they said it won't take too long to get, and I would be just fine spending a little extra time in the MTC. Nobody in my district has their travel plans yet though, which is really weird we should've gotten them by now. Austin hasn't heard a thing about his Visa or his travel plans either. It's just a waiting game now the travel office said.

Anyways the trip to Boise was so much fun. We got to order Dominos the
first night, ate at Carl's Jr and Panda the next day, and Subway the day after that. THERE ARE SO MANY GEESE IN BOISE!!! They were flying
everywhere, and at every park we drove by they were all over the grass. We stayed in an apartment, and from the back porch of it you could throw a rock and hit Cabela's. We never got to go to Cabela's though I was kinda bummed. A senior missionary couple that lived in Idaho drove us around in a big van, and they would drop us off wherever we needed to go, but they didn't stay with us. We did service at DI for 5 hours on Tuesday, and then the rest of the time just hung out at the apartment. The kids I went with all were really fun. Oh and I got my shoes shined at the Boise airport it was definitely one of the classiest experiences of my life!

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but of all the missionaries I went
with, I was the only one to get an address from anybody who wanted to learn more about the gospel! We flew Southwest on the way there, so I sat next to this business man and taught him while he was throwing down a Coors! It was way cool to actually teach a real investigator, I can't wait to be able to do that all the time.

I get to be host on Wednesday, tell the Olson's they better be looking for me! I'm going to try my hardest to find Kalin. You carry their bags into their room for them, and then take them to their classroom and answer any questions they have. I'm looking forward to being able to do it, since I missed it last week for Boise.

I promise I'll send the memory card home today; I filmed a video on it last night. Put everything on the computer and erase it and then film a video on Mom's Nikon camera (I think it will work better that way), and then send it back to me in the package this week please.

The temple is closed this week, so today I'm going to get my dry-cleaning and laundry done, and I have a haircut too. I'll get back on email later, so try to reply back to me if you have time. Thanks for everything, I love you.

Elder Johnson
Ty getting his shoes shined at the airport.
Real food in Idaho, Domino's Pizza
Ty's favorite, Panda Express!

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