Monday, December 26, 2011


Hey everybody,
My district is leaving Monday and Tuesday, so they need to have their P day today to pack everything up and get ready to leave. So I get to have a Pday today, and again on Monday! Christmas Eve at the MTC has been a normal day so far. We're having a fireside at 6:30 today, and then watching a movie after that. They have all sorts of stuff planned for us tomorrow, including Sacrament meeting with a GA. The rumor going around is that it's going to be Holland, but I'll let you know on Monday who it really is. I've been getting quite a few packages lately, we have great friends. I've gotten quite a few Christmas cards too; I'll send them home to you later. I've got so much food it's ridiculous! I've been trying to share it with everybody but I still have so much. Thanks for everything, I've only opened a couple of my Christmas presents, but I'm saving most of them for tomorrow. We all love the digital picture frame. Everybody is using it to look at their pictures, and we played some music on it today while they were packing too. Kalin came up to my room last night and we watched a couple of the videos on it. He's doing pretty well, pretty much exactly how I was the first couple of day, it just takes some time to adjust. I'll give Dallin's present to him tonight. Thanks for the stocking it's way cool. I love the back and head scratchers too, I've got the back scratcher in my suit it's perfect. The Spanish and English dictionary is 3 times the size as anybody else's, my companion's even been reading it. What are you guys up to today? Are you going to see Jerry? What's the plan for tonight and tomorrow? Thanks for everything; I've definitely gotten the most from home than anybody else I've seen. I'll be back on here either tomorrow or Monday. I love you!
Feliz Navidad!
Elder Johnson

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