Monday, December 26, 2011


Tyler and his entire district were supposed to leave for Mexico on the two days after Christmas. On Thursday, December 22nd we received a phone call from him saying that since everyone was leaving on Monday, December 26th, they let them call home to give their families their travel plans. Since Ty is the only one out of the entire district who has not yet received his visa, they felt sorry for him and let him call too. It was great to hear his voice but I could tell he is disappointed that he will not be traveling to Mexico with the rest of the missionaries today. He will remain in the MTC for a few more days and if the visa doesn’t arrive, they will transfer him to someplace in the US until the visa comes. I know everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to and so does Tyler. Ty has become very close to the missionaries in the MTC and will miss them when they all leave to go to their specific areas to serve. Hopefully, he has made some life long friends during this stage of his mission and will continue to make many more as this wonderful chapter in his life continues. We are so proud of Tyler and love him so much!

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