Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

The Latinoamericano Tower, the tallest tower of all Latin America
¡Hola mamá! How’s everything going? Are ya´ll enjoying the last weeks of summer? I know I’m not, it’s so hot down here! Had kind of a funny experience this week, so all the time the other elders are calling me asking me questions and I’m just pretty used to it but this last week an elder called me and asked me if he could give a blessing to a dog! I asked him if he was kidding and he told me no that a member wanted him to bless their actual dog! Ha ha I told him no and to just a say a prayer for it, I thought it was hilarious that he would call and ask me that. This week we had 3 baptisms. Marsela, Sandra and Benjamin. They are so golden! We actually found them through Ben, he needed an interview done in English for his school so I did it for him. After talking to him for a little bit he told us that he had actually gone on to the church’s website and tried to send in his own referral form so that the missionaries would talk to him. There are some members that live right in front of him and so the fellowship has been great and on Saturday we baptized him, his mom and his grandma. His dad has now been to church twice as well and we´re just starting to teach him too. He´s a stud and I know he´ll be a future missionary and he wants to go study at BYU and everything. Well I have changes tomorrow after being in this area for only 6 weeks! I got to go home and pack right now, I’ll let you know where they send me next week and who my comp is and everything. I´m going to miss Elder Robinson. We get along great, but I’m excited to get a new area as well. So about the phone number for Brother Garcia, would it be ok if I send it to you next week? It’s because I’ll get a new number tomorrow but tell him that sounds great to me to go out to dinner! I´m super excited! Tell him thanks so much. Hey grandma said that Jayce is receiving the missionaries? That is soooo cool! I actually had a dream while I was in the MTC that this would happen. I know God always answers our prayers!!! I´m going to baptize him when I get him if he doesn’t get baptized before! So this last week I finally got Con´s grad invite, it looks pretty good. I like it! On Thursday my comp and I went to eat yogurt at Yogurtland, there is actually one here in the plaza and I was so excited. It was the first time I’ve had frozen yogurt in 2 years. It made me think of you mom and all the times we would go out for yogurt ha ha. Well mom I hope you have a great week. I love you. Thanks so much for all you do for me! Elder Johnson

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