Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

Saying Good-bye to some of our Elders
Drinking horchata-it is so good!
A cool museum that we visited.
¡Hola mamà! How’s everybody doing? Well I had changes and I’m actually the new Assistant to the President!! It’s really cool! There are lots of benefits, like my cell phone is touch screen and has a camera, I can drive the mission car and my comp and I can go pretty much where want to, we don’t have to ask permission, the other missionaries have to ask us ha ha! No, but really it’s been really crazy, we have lots of extra work to do but it’s fun and being super busy the time goes by really fast. Yesterday we took some elders to the airport to say bye and today we were with President the whole morning and went to rent a house for a new area that they´re opening. Things are going great here. This week was pretty crazy busy too. On Tuesday well we had the changes meeting and we took all my luggage to our house in my area and then we went to President’s house to eat dinner with him and his family and all the elders who were going home. Then that night we went out to eat tacos with all the Elders going home and said goodbye to everybody. On Wednesday we went to leave some elders at the airport, and then on Thursday morning President showed up at our house and we studied with him and then went to get a contract signed for a house in a new area for some elders and then my comp went back to the offices to get all the things for the new house while I stayed and helped them move their luggage to the house as well. And we`ve just done things like that pretty much the whole week and tried to work and teach the members and investigators in between. It’s been pretty hectic but I like it a lot. On Sundays after going to church and eating, we go to the offices of the mission to receive reports from the zone leaders and then make some reports for President. That night we sleep in the offices where we have our own room and bathroom, but our house where we usually live is in our area. On Monday morning we have a meeting with President to talk about how the mission is doing in general and new things that we`re going to apply as a mission and just things like that. After that we have our P-day as normal until 6pm and then at 7 we went to one of the zones meetings that is struggling to talk to all of the elders and try to get them pumped for the work. My comp and I get along super well, we`ve been friends for a long time and neither one of us can believe that we`re actually comps now. He’s from Aguascalientes, Mexico and goes home in January. I can’t believe I’ve been on the mission for so long now, actually I was talking to one of the secretaries yesterday and he told me he`s going to buy my plane ticket this week to go home. Crazy huh it freaks me out!! Well Mom I got to run plan a training for tomorrow. We`re going to train the zone and district leaders in a mission leadership meeting. I love you, thanks for everything. Elder Johnson

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