Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012

Greetings from Nezahualcoyotl! See Mom I told you everything would go good with the ward Halloween party and your program! I wish I could’ve have seen the primary program, that’s always one of the funniest Sacrament meetings, and the Spirit is strong too. Are there any big plans for Halloween this week? Con and his date look pretty funny as pirates. Here they don’t really do a whole lot for Halloween; it’s all about the Dia de Muertos here. Tell Mason congrats on his first buck, but it’s not as cool as Goliath! Well it’s kind of weird to think that I’ve been on the mission for a year. I opened the hump day package in the morning and then that night I burnt my shirt as the sacrifice. Looking back on the mission it really has gone by pretty fast, and its crazy to think that in just one more year I’ll be back home hunting again, oh ya and spending time with you guys too ha-ha! My comp has already been wearing the shirt you sent him, thanks a lot for the package it was way cool. We scared the hermana that we live with when we burnt my shirt because we poured alcohol on it and everything and the flames were giant and I think she thought we were going to burn the house down. The work is going pretty good here in La Perla, we found 11 new investigators this week and taught quite a few lessons. We weren’t able to have the baptism because the lady had to leave and take care of her parents who got sick, but she’s getting baptized this Wednesday instead. We also should be having another baptism this week if everything goes well, the only problem we could have with the investigator is that she has to stop smoking and has had problems doing it but we’re going to pass by her tomorrow and talk really well with her and give her a blessing. My companion is pretty cool and we get along great and we’ve been working super hard. Even though I usually don’t realize it, I really have changed a ton this first year on the mission. I’ve been worrying more about other people than myself, and that’s something I didn’t really do at home. Lots of time I wake up the middle of the night worried about different investigators and how we can help them to get baptized and change their lives. I know that is the Lord’s work and there is nothing better that I could be doing with my life right now. Thanks for everything Mom, have a great week with Halloween and everything. Oh and a big question, how do you boil eggs? I’m not dumb; I know you put them in boiling water but for how long? The yolk is where all the cholesterol is so I should eat that right? If you could tell me how to cook those that would be great, I’m sick of greasy everything. Well anyways take care I love you! Elder Johnson
Does your church have a security system like this?
Elder Johnson and his companion on the roof top of his apartment in the city of Nezahualcoytotl.
As a tradition and sacrifice, I burned a shirt the day I turned a year old in the mission. Thank you for all the treats and things for my "Over the Hump Day".

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