Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey Mom, That’s crazy the Bud’s are already home, the time is going by super fast. Poor Uncle Jerry I feel so bad for him, hopefully he gets better fast. That’s good that he hasn’t been in too much pain though. I’m sorry you have to go to the dentist tomorrow. That does not sound very much fun at all to have a root canal! Good luck! I actually went to the dentist this week too for the first time and Mexico, and let’s just say it’s not quite the same as Dr Francis´ office. I just went to get my teeth whitened though. One of the ladies that works there is a member and they gave us a super good discount. I’m going back on Thursday again to get them whitened and check for cavities. The English classes are actually coming pretty good and I’ve had about 14 different students so far. I’ve realized I know more about Spanish than I thought. This week for conference we’re going to the stake center to watch it with lots of members and all the 22 missionaries from our zone. It’s not on TV here, but the members can watch it on internet if they have a computer. This last Monday I was really worried that we weren’t going to have a baptism this week. On Tuesday we went to eat with E and his family, who are investigators and while we were eating he told us that this Sunday (yesterday) that him, his wife and his granddaughters were going to get baptized. I was super shocked but super excited to be able have 4 baptisms this week. It was truly a miracle from the Lord because 2 days before at church he told us that he would not be getting baptized for a while because he didn’t feel ready and wanted to wait. His service was super special and lots of people were crying because the Spirit was so strong. Everything is going really good, still here in Texcoco. I’ve memorized most of the stray dogs here because I’ve been here so long, but I really like the people here and have had lots of success in this area. Thank you for everything, and I’ll think this week and let you know what I need Brother Garcia to bring me. I love you! Elder Johnson

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