Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 Dearest Family, Wow can I just tell you guys that I HATE packing! I was up until 1 in the morning the night before the changes, and then woke up at 5 the next morning to finish everything. I found out that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of things over the last 7 months in Texcoco, and that I’ll need to buy another suitcase sometime soon! I ended up filling my 3 suitcases completely full with everything and then had 2 cardboard boxes full of stuff and 2 other bags as well. Luckily, a sister from the ward took me to Santa Martha, where the whole mission meets for the changes and there everybody leaves all of their luggage outside while we have a meeting with President where we find out the changes that are going to happen in the mission. I am now with Elder R, in the area La Perla and our zone is called La Perla as well. I had never met Elder R before, but he’s a pretty nice guy and has 20 months on the mission. I’m senior companion, but I’ve been following him around all week because I’m not very familiar with the area yet. All the streets look the same, and you know how I am with directions, let’s just say I’m always super lost! Our area here is really small, because we’re in the city of Nezahualcoyotl and its super populated. There are a ton of people that live here so there’s lots of work to do. We can get to every part of my area by walking, which is way different than Texcoco where we always had to spend money on transportation. There hasn’t been a baptism in this area in more than 3 months, but this week we’re going to have a baptism! It’s actually been really cool; a couple of people contacted us in the streets and said they wanted to learn more. That hardly ever happens; usually we’re the ones that contact them! The members here are really good too, and they seem to work with us. Our house is super small here; we don’t even have a kitchen. Actually the little electric grill we have is on top of the fridge that is right next to the table where we study. I honestly think my bedroom at home is bigger than our whole house! To have hot water we have to go up to the roof and turn on the boiler with a lighter every morning and then wait about a half hour. We do live in front of some members though and they let us use their kitchen when we want. Elder S and Elder G that were with me in the MTC are both in my district here, so it’s pretty cool to be able to see them. I got the hump day package on Monday, but I’m waiting until the 26th to open it just like the box says! Jarrett had written me last week and told me was getting married, that’s great for him. Keep me updated on the other weddings too. Good luck with your crazy week, I’m sure your program will be great, don’t worry too much about it! Let me know how it goes and keep me updated on all the news. Oh and tell Brock to give me the updates on the World Series too. I love you! El Elder Johnson

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