Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 24, 2012

¡Hola! It sounds like you guys have had a fun week with homecoming and Brock’s first duck hunt and everything. I saw the picture of the duck hunt; tell Brock I’m proud of him ha ha. Sorry but the letter is going to be a little short this week because I don’t have very much time. This week on Tuesday the baptism we were going to have fell through, and I’m still not really sure why. I talked to the girl in the morning and she told me that everything was fine and that we could pass by her house to visit her before her baptism. We passed by her house to take her to the baptismal service and she had completely changed her mind and everything. We tried talking to her but it didn’t help a lot and then had to hurry and tell everybody the baptism was off because we had told the bishop to fill the font and everything. We’ve tried visiting the girl since, but she hasn’t been home. Her school teacher that’s a member told us that she has a new boyfriend and that could be the problem. We did have a baptismal service yesterday though of N, a 9 year old girl whose parents are members. They’re super nice though. This week I saw my first live mariachi, it was pretty funny. It was Jorge’s birthday this week and we helped his wife blow up balloons and everything and then she hired a mariachi that went to his house in the morning and surprised him and we there with their friends and everything, it was really cool. Also the ward party went really well, we had several investigators there and I tried some new foods for the first time. One was cow hoof, and it was really gross, like slimy. I also ate a bowl of cow stomach soup that wasn’t too bad, it was the first time I’ve eaten an entire bowl of it and I can’t really describe the taste. The texture is like the tongue cleaners that are on the back of toothbrushes, if you know what I’m saying? Anyways I got to run shower and everything so we can go to a zone meeting. They aren’t too fun but the leaders usually teach us something. But ya I hope you all have a great week, thanks for the pictures and everything. I love you! Elder Johnson

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