Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey Mom,
I got to see my first apostle talk this week! Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife came to our Tuesday night devotional and gave a great talk, and then on Thanksgiving morning, Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife talked to us too! It was crazy to see two apostles in 3 days; those guys know what's up.

Thanksgiving here was great. We heard from Elder Russell M. Nelson in the morning. After that I took a nap in my room, and then we had a decent turkey dinner. When lunch was over we went to another program that one of the MTC presidency and his wife put on, then we got to do a service project where we assembled care kits for people in Sudan. After the service project, we ate a sack dinner in our rooms. They didn't want to the cafeteria workers to have to work on Thanksgiving night, so we just had sandwiches for dinner. After dinner, we watched 17 miracles, and they gave us kettle corn. In all it was a great day, and it was very nice to not have to go to class for a day.

My companion and I are still getting along really great. He and all my
roommates say thanks for the Christmas chocolate calendars. I see Elder Worthington a lot, and he is still here until next Tuesday. There are some kids leaving today and tomorrow down the hall from me, so I'm really hoping that Dallin gets to move into one of those rooms. Josh emailed me all of the slang from Mexico the other day, and I was able to impress my teacher with it.

Thanks for the packages; the calendars were a great idea, and everybody
loved the treats. The Ensign was perfect too, I had to teach the district lesson with my companion yesterday and we used the Ensign a lot in it. The Branch President came and watched our lesson, it was kind of scary. Tell Dad thanks for the sprigs I stuck them on my bulletin board it looks way cool. I'll send you some pictures this week; I'll order them today so hopefully they'll be done on Thursday. I'll write you, Dad, Connor, and Brock back too and send the letters in that package. I'll send my memory card home to you next week too so you can get all of the pictures off of it and send it back to me before I head to Mexico. Grandma is still writing me everyday, and she's been sending packages too it's been great! What's the email address that grandma uses most? If you can send it to me when you can and I'll try to email her later today.

What's Brock up to? How's basketball going for Connor? Have him or Dad gone out hunting anymore at all? How's Sadie doing? Is there any other news going on in SF? Who is Kim Kardashian dating now? It's time for me to go to the temple. Keep me updated on everything! I love you!

Con Amor
Elder Johnson

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