Saturday, November 19, 2011


November 14, 2011
Hey Mommy!
I'm just down in the laundry room right now waiting for my clothes to dry. I got my first haircut today, it was pretty cool. I'm getting some more pictures printed and I'll send them to you on Thursday. I see Austin a couple times a week, just around campus. My companion and I have to dress the same, it’s an MTC rule. I'm really close with all my roommates now and I've made lots of other friends too. I got your package on Saturday so everything was still fresh! Thank you so much, the treats were a hit with everybody. All we do at nights is talk in each others rooms and eat treats. Everybody in my district leaves the same day, except for the kids going to Peru, who leave on Wednesday. How's everybody doing? Who all made the basketball team? Tell Dad we better go in on Brian’s cabin with him. Thanks for the package on Friday it was great to see the newspaper article and pictures. I'll write you a letter and send it with the pictures. I'll write Connor and Brock back too, you should get the envelope on Saturday. Anyways I gotta run fold my laundry.
I love you.
Elder Johnson
Missionaries from SF, Austin Stevens, Gavin Hales, me and Cooper Urmston
Elder Tarver, me, Elder Allan and Elder McCarl
My companion, Elder Scott, me and Brother & Sister Anderson on our Temple walk
Elder McAlister, me and Elder Leifson
In the classroom with my companion. This is pretty much where I spend my life these days!

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