Tuesday, November 8, 2011


November 7, 2011
Hey Mommy!
The MTC is not that bad anymore; it just took me a week or so to get used to this life and be done with the gangster life I used to live! I got some pictures ordered today and they'll be ready on Thursday so I’ll send you and grandma some then. I've gotten a lot of letters from my friends. I don’t see any of the Spanish Fork kids too much, they all have different schedules. We go to the temple every Monday morning. I'm gonna make a copy of my schedule and send it to you so you can see just how exciting the MTC is (not) I’m out of time on my email right now but the timer is just going negative. The MTC isn't that bad you just have to learn to like what you're doing! The food is still pretty terrible though. I've loved all the treats thank you so much! Everybody in my room has family that writes them so that’s pretty cool. I heard that you get to be an escort for new missionaries the last 2 weeks you're here, so that means there’s a chance I could be Kalin’s; that would be so cool! Could you throw some of my ties in the next package you send? The purple ones will be fine so ignore Dad and send them to me please! I've already spilled on 2; the tie buddy Dane gave me only helps so much. Spaghetti sauce on one and ranch on the other. I did my own laundry today and learned how to shine my shoes you should be proud! Anyways its time to go to dinner (yuck) and then I have class for 3 hours after that. I love you guys! Only 23 more fast Sundays till I'm home!
Con Amor
-The one and only Elder Johnson

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