Tuesday, November 8, 2011


October 31, 2011
Hey everybody!
The MTC is a very interesting place! This is definitely not the thug lifestyle I'm used to living! It's been the longest week of my life but I know I'm where I should be. I only have 30 minutes to email so I don’t have very much time. I've been getting the dearelder emails and I love them! I loved the package you sent too I can’t wait to dress up in the hat tonight! Hey I also figured out that they have a place to print pictures in the MTC bookstore so I'll try to send a couple pictures home this week. Connor, how was the deer hunt and Halloween dance? Did you wear one of my shirts? Brock, how’s my phone treating you? Do you like my bedroom? The food here is not very good, but they have lots of it. I try to eat salads and fruit whenever I can because I’m already sick of it. There are ten kids in my district, 6 are going to my mission, and two are going to Villahermosa (Josh’s mission) and the other 2 are going to Peru and those 2 are only here for 3 weeks then going to the MTC down there. I've seen Austin a couple of times since I’ve been here he's doing good. It really helps a ton to see people I know, it’s too bad none of them are in my district. Sundays and Mondays are definitely the best days here. We have to sit in the same classroom for literally 10 hours a day Tuesday- Saturday. Studying is killing me because I’m used to just being smart without having to study at all and now I have to learn the gospel and a whole other language. I've already taught my first investigator in Spanish, it was terrible. I also attempt to pray in Spanish too. My P day will always be Mondays and it only goes till 6 pm. Today I went to the temple, went for a jog, and then took a nap. I'm tired all the time; we have to get up around 6 every morning. Tell my friends to write me if you talk to them.
Con amor los guapos
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Johnson

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