Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24, 2013

Rosaura's Baptism
Father's Day Activity
I've walked holes in my shoes!
Hey Mom! So this letter is going to be a little short this week because I have changes tomorrow. I don’t know where I’m going; if I’ll stay in this mission or if I’ll be going to the new Chalco mission but I’ll let you know next week. My comp/son Elder Torres is going to be staying in the area and he´ll be training a new elder. I´m so proud of him I’m going to be a grandpa! This week Rosaura got baptized. She´s really cool, and we actually baptized her sister and brother in law 2 weeks ago and they all 3 got confirmed together yesterday. The brother that baptized her and his wife had helped us with being her fellow shippers and bringing her to church and everything. It was way cool because it was the first baptism he´s ever done and he was pretty nervous but had practiced a ton and he baptized her perfectly. The members in this ward are honestly so awesome. I´m really going to miss the Perla. Yesterday I was sitting in the back of the sacrament hall and was seeing that the amount of people in the sacrament meeting has doubled from what it was when I was here in December. The ward is growing so much and the members and converts here are really united and everything it’s been great. It´ll be fun to get a new area though and be able to work there as well. I love this great work and will keeping working my hardest in whatever area or mission I’m in. Camping looks like it was super fun, I can’t wait to go with you guys when I get back. I can’t believe I’ve almost hit 20 months it’s freaking me out! Mom, I loved your letter this week. It’s always great to hear about everything that’s going on. Sorry I don’t have time to respond to everything but keep writing me long letters like this and telling me everything. I love it! Here are some pics of my shoes, I’ll let you guys decide which pics are best to show to the people at Missionary Mall. Try to see if you can get the same ones, I love these shoes; it’s just that I almost roll my ankle when I walk in them now and they look really bad with all the holes in them. I stopped wearing them about 6 weeks ago. I hope you have a great week mom I love you! Elder Johnson

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