Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 10, 2013

Baptism of Cesar and Juan
Trying to stay on a crowded bus!
Hey mom! How’s everything going? Wow it sounds like it’s super-hot there right now so I’m glad here to avoid the heat. It hasn’t rained too much this week but it’s been overcast a lot of days and we´ve really loved the weather. A baseball tournament in Richfield Utah? That sounds so tight I wish I could go! Where are you guys going to stay at? Well here’s the scoop on La Perla this week... This week Cesar and Juan got baptized. Cesar is 12 years and Juan is 10, they´re grandkids of an active member of our ward and their dad is actually a member too but hasn´t been to church in years. I first met them the first time I was here in La Perla, like last November. We´ve been working with them for a long time, and it was such a great experience to see them get baptized yesterday. Their uncle who’s an ex missionary came from another state to baptize them and told us he was super grateful for the work we have done with his family. The baptismal service was so big that we did it in the sacrament room and my companion and their uncle did a special musical number it was really cool. I was thinking about singing in the musical number too but I wanted to be humble and not steal the show with my angel voice so I just let them do it... Ya some things never change I still can’t sing worth beans but ya the baptism was really cool. Lately we´ve had a goal as a mission that each companionship should be helping to activate 2 less active members that are mission aged and help them to prepare to serve a mission. It’s been really cool; one of the members we´ve been helping has reactivated and is going to church every week and took his earrings out and everything. He´s been talking with the bishop about how to start his mission papers and everything. One of the ways we´ve been working with them is doing divisions and actually going out and teaching with them. I love doing divisions with them its way fun to really get to know them and work with them and we as missionaries can put 2 appointments at every hour and as a result we can visit more people and have more lessons. There are 3 members from our ward that we have been working with that are getting their papers and going to the doctor and everything. It´s so cool to know that they´ll be able to help so many more people as well. I hope you get feeling all the way better soon mom, I’m sorry I’ll be praying for you this week. Thanks so much for all that you do for me, I know that if it wasn´t for all your help I wouldn’t be here right now doing what I love. Have a fantastic week I love you! Elder Johnson

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