Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17, 2013

My Comp and Me in a MotoTaxi
Service Project at the Stake Center
Baptism of Jonathan
Dearest Mother of Mine, It sounds you guys had a fun weekend, baseball in Richfield, Elder Cook and Father’s Day all sound awesome. That’s great Brocks team won the tournament, I’m sure they were happy. It’s amazing how fast missionary work is growing, an Area 70, Elder Abraham Martinez came to our Stake Conference yesterday and he talked about missionary work and called all the mission age people to the front and talked about how we should all help them to get on a mission as well and then we all sang Called to Serve. It was really neat, and it sounds like Elder Cook talked about missionary work as well, I love it! This week Jonathan, who´s 11, got baptized. He´s really cool and actually lived in the US for a couple years and likes to speak English with me. We had the 1st counselor of the bishopric baptize him it was really cool because it was the first person he´s ever baptized he was really excited and thankful for the opportunity. The work is still going great, the Lord is blessing us so much. I think I might have changes next week, but they don’t tell us for sure until Sunday. I love the area I’m in and everything is going so well here right now, but I’m not going to lie I’m kind of ready for a change of scenery, so either way will be fine if I have changes or not. On Saturday night I was lying in bed, not asleep just lying there, and I heard a weird sound, something like a drum. I realized it was my bed banging against the wall. After I felt really dizzy and all of sudden I realized it was an earthquake. I jumped and hurried and got dressed and yelled at my companion who had just gotten done showering to get dressed too. We went outside and soon after the sister we live with came outside too. We saw on the news that it was a 6.0 earthquake, not giant but pretty big. It was the biggest one I’ve ever felt, even bigger than the one last March. Nothing happened here, no buildings fell or anything, everything’s fine. It was kind of cool to feel another earthquake though! Okay everybody so I forgot to tell you guys last week, but we´re going to do the D & C countdown. What happens is, we all read one section of the Doctrine and Covenants every day, and when we get done, I´ll be home! So I did the math and today we should all read section 4, it started on Friday so we´ll have to all catch up a little bit. So every day we all read one section, for example tomorrow we should all read section 5, Wednesday, section 6 and so on. And when everybody finishes Doctrine and Covenants, I’ll get home the next day. Sound good? Ok and as missionaries we always make commitments with the people so, family do you all commit to reading one section of the Doctrine and Covenants every day? Thanks family, I love you! Thanks so much for everything mom I love you and have been praying for you. How has your jaw been feeling? I hope you have a great week, keep me updated with everything and I want to hear about the picnic/ fishing trip tonight! Love Elder Johnson

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