Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hola Momma! Wow I can’t believe that Con is a graduated and working man now and that Brock is a teenager, time is going by super-fast! It sounds like ya`ll have had a pretty fun week with baseball, graduation, and all the big parties and stuff. This week has gone really good for us, but the rainy season is definitely here! It has poured almost every day this week. I honestly love going hard in the rain it’s fun for me and it doesn`t feel so hot outside. Ya the Elder Johnson that came from the 70 is the same one that came and visited us a couple months ago. Actually there’s a new Elder Johnson from Arizona that just got to our mission as well, and guess what his first name is? Tyler. Ya Elder Tyler Johnson too, but we all really know who The Elder Tyler Johnson is right? So anyways if you can put my middle name on things when you send them to me just to avoid any confusion but if you send me something without my middle name it’s not too big of a deal either. Life in La Perla is still going really good. We baptized a husband and wife yesterday, and have been blessed to now have baptized people for 7 weeks straight. The Lord honestly has bless us so much and I love sitting in church on Sundays and seeing how the ward has grown and keeps growing. I`ve been working so hard and I love seeing the fruits of our labors. Time is going by super-fast, every week flies right by because I spend half the time on divisions, sleeping in other missionary’s houses, doing interviews, going to meetings. It’s awesome, I love this work! This week we had a meeting for all the elders who are currently training and our companions. President asked all of us how many we had baptized and my companion and I had the most and President used us as an example for everybody. I`m not saying it’s a contest with the numbers or anything but it felt so good to be recognized for our work and know that I`m an example. The people that got baptized this week were super golden. Jesus and Catya are a couple that were living together but weren’t married. Catya`s mom got baptized in another ward a little while ago and that is what sparked their interest. We`ve been visiting and teaching them a lot and they have received everything muy bien. We taught them the law of chastity and the next day they got married so they could get baptized. They`re so awesome and open to do whatever God wants of them. They got baptized yesterday and the brother is already going to an interview with the bishop tomorrow so he can get the priesthood next Sunday. I forgot it was Memorial Day, I’m glad you guys could go to the cemetery and remember our family members with flowers and everything. I hope you have a great week, keep me updated on all how summers going and everything else. I love you! The Elder Tyler Johnson

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