Friday, April 26, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hey Mom! Ya sorry I forgot to tell you I sent a package for you guys with somebody that lives in Payson. Sorry it wasn't anything really big I just met the sister on Sunday at church and she told me that she was leaving early Tuesday morning to go back to Utah and she asked if there was anything she could deliver for me. I just grabbed a couple things I had accumulated. The barrel is a gift from a family in Texcoco, ha do you like how they spelled my name? I bought the jewelry at a tianguis (flea market) like a couple months ago and I put the sticker notes in there at that time to remember what they were made out of. Sorry it wasn’t anything too grand but did you like my packaging job? I couldn’t find a box and didn’t have any time so I just taped the crap out of a bread bag. Life is going so good in La Perla right now. We baptized again this week and have another person who should be getting baptized next Sunday as well. Our bishop is awesome and he even always rocks a Dallas Cowboys jersey too; I love him. The members here are all working really good and helping us out quite a bit. Elder Torres and I are working super well together and we have a ton of fun too. Things are still pretty stressful with training and still opening the area and all of the district leader stuff but I’m really pretty happy with everything. And today we even went to eat at Chili’s, ya it was like heaven I felt like I was in the US for an hour the TV was even in English!! The sister we baptized this week is golden. I actually contacted her in the street a little over 2 weeks ago and I invited her to a take a tour of our church the next day. We contact quite a few people and sadly the majority aren’t always there when we go to visit them but anyways, Sister Edith is way different. We went to take her to the church the day after and she was all ready to go and everything. While we were there we talked about the sacrament and everything and then showed her the baptismal font and she accepted the baptism very well. The next day we went to teach her the restoration and when we got to the part when I showed her the Book of Mormon she told me she already had the book. I just thought she was confused with another book so I asked her if she could go and get it and she brought book a legit Libro de Mormon¡! She then told us she had met the missionaries 2 years ago but couldn’t get baptized because she had to leave town and then lost contact with them. I am so thankful that the Holy Ghost guided me to her and that she could finally make the covenant she has needed for so long. I still don’t know anything about the Mothers day call but I’ll let you know when I do. I never really go to know him very well but that’s way cool you got to see Elder Hunter. Thanks for always writing me mom, and don’t feel bad about the long letter at all, actually the longer the better I love hearing about everything going on from seagulls pooping on you to Con and Brock going Beast Mode on the baseball field. Have a great week I love you! Con Amor Elder Johnson Baptism of Sister Edith Eating at Chili's

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