Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hola Mom! Ha the story about the carp cracked me up, that definitely sounds worth it even though they had to run and everything. That’s way cool Quentin L Cook is going to visiting our stake too, what a coincidence! This week went really good for us. We had 2 baptisms yesterday, Josue David and his mom Angelica. Josue is 14 year old kid that’s been going to church with a friend since February. He´s one of the best converts I’ve ever seen and I’m sure he´ll be a future missionary, he already wants to serve a mission and everything. His mom Angelica is also really special. She´s been telling us every time that we see her that she´s been feeling a peace and joy that she hasn´t ever felt before. She also has been able to quit smoking, an addiction that she has had for a really, really long time. They both shared their testimonies in their baptismal service yesterday and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had on the mission- the Spirit was so strong and to be able to see the changes they´ve made, I don’t want to sound gay, but I cried a little bit too. Everything here in the ward is really progressing. There are more people in sacrament meeting than ever before, we´re going to have another baptism next week, and the bishopric is awesome and most of the members here are thrilled to have missionaries again. My comp and I get along great, he´s one of the best companions I’ve ever had. So this week I’ll be doing divisions a couple days with some other elders from my district, and my comp is sad that I’m leaving him it’s pretty funny. Everything is going really good, I feel like I’m still becoming a better missionary every day, I love seeing the progression. I hope you guys have a great week, I love you so much! Elder Tyler Freaking Johnson The Moto Taxi Dinner with a member Tianguis (like a flea market) Baptism

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