Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hola Mom, That’s really a cool experience you had about listening to the Spirit, you’re so right we always should be listening to it. I got your letter this week that you sent on Aug 10. As far as D goes it doesn’t seem like he’ll be getting baptized anytime soon he’s gone back to partying again and can’t stop smoking. The week has gone pretty well though, and I found out yesterday that I will be staying in Texcoco again for at least 6 more weeks, but my companion is leaving and I’m now senior companion. Tomorrow I have to go to Santa Marta to drop my companion off and get my new one. I’ll let you know how he is next week. More than anything I’m hoping that he’s clean and organized and likes to work. I’m actually glad that I’ll be staying in Texcoco because there is a lot of potential in this area for the upcoming 6 weeks. We’re going to have a baptismal service this Sunday for E. He’s an 18 year old kid that’s way cool. One of the things we’ve done with him is taking him to the church to play basketball with the other young men, and then we play too. I’m know I’m not super good at basketball but nobody here is very good at all so I like playing and schooling all of them. Yesterday at church we had 7 investigators at church, which made me really happy. M, a guy I baptized in April blessed the sacrament for the first time, and then after that I was sitting by him and made him a deal that if I bore my testimony he would bear his too for the first time. He was super nervous but he did it and it was really cool to see the changes he’s been making in his life. We’re going to go to his 5 year old daughter’s birthday party this week. Also this week an older couple that nobody knew showed up at church. They had talked to the missionaries 28 years ago but were never baptized, but the guy had a dream that he needed to go the Mormon Church in Texcoco and so there they were. We’re going to visit them this week; I’ll let you know how it goes. I ate a goat head taco on Friday. Yea, like the eyes, the cheeks, and the brains. It wasn’t too bad but I got sick after. Anyways, I’ve got to run because my comp has to pack all his stuff and I’m hoping he cleans up some of the huge mess he’s made too. I love you and I hope you have a great week! Elder Johnson

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