Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hey Mom, It sounds like you guys have had a good week with all the football, the dove-a-que and everything else. The MTC president must have changed recently because when I was there President Brown was the man in charge. I know that because Kalin and I had a meeting with him when we got in trouble one time. Ha, we’ll tell you guys the story when we both get home. So this week was actually a pretty tough one. The 15th and 16th of September is their big fiesta here celebrating their independence. We had to be home early on the 15th for safety because there were tons and tons of drunks in the streets and everything. We still celebrated though with J and G though it was fun, I’ll send you some pics when I can, the adaptor isn’t working right now. We visited the boy that’s on dialysis this week, and his mom told us that they weren’t interested anymore and that they wouldn’t ever get baptized again because they were already baptized when they were babies in the Catholic Church. I felt really bad because I think her son would have been baptized and everything if she would have let him but what can you do? I wanted to talk to them more about the scriptures, but I decided not to and we talked a little bit and then sang a hymn to them and left. The people that first knew of the church 28 years ago are still coming every week and even went and bought their own hymn books and scriptures this week. They don’t have a baptismal date yet because there are some doubts still but we’re working hard with them. Tomorrow we should be having a baptismal service of a teenage girl, and then on Sunday we’ll have another baptism as well. I really hope we can do both of the baptisms this week because it will be the first time I’ve had 2 services in one week. Also there is a fiesta in the ward tomorrow to celebrate the 15th of September, and when I gave my talk yesterday I told the members to all invite investigators to the fiesta. This week I did exchanges a couple days with Elder C, my district leader and it went really good. Everything is still going good with my companion, he’s a little different but I’m more patient than I’ve ever been nowadays. Also this week I’m going to start giving English classes once a week in the church for our ward and the other ward that uses the same building. It’s an idea to be able to find more investigators, but a whole bunch of members are super excited for it. Little do they know that I’ve never taught English before but I’ll let you guys know how it goes! Oh, that will be way cool for the kids for conference, I’m sure they’ll like the candy! When I get back I want to go to a live General Conference session. It’s funny that some people here save up all year to be able to go to Salt Lake for the weekend and see conference when we live 1 hour away and have never gone! My clothes are pretty good, the pits are all stained on my garments, and the necks are stained on my white shirts but they’re fine for now but when I get back we’ll definitely need to go shopping. My feet are fine and I’m pretty good with everything health wise, but my shoulder still does bug me a little bit. We played handball the other day and it really bothered me then and the day after, maybe I’ll have to do more therapy when I get home or something but I still can’t throw really at all but its all good don’t worry about anything, the main sport here is soccer and I don’t have to throw to be able to play that. Thanks for sending me a hump day package, I can’t believe I’m almost half of the way done! As a tradition I think I’ll burn one of my white shirts that day. Everything is going good, even though I’m really missing hunting this time of year but I try not to think about it too much. The language is coming along really good, I even dreamed in Spanish last night, weird huh? I think almost always in Spanish, and I’m forgetting some things in English. Anyways I hope you guys have a great week, thanks so much for your examples and everything.

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