Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 9, 2012

¡Hooola! Happy late 4th of July! So I celebrated my 4th of July in the hospital with my companion. Elder F started feeling sick this last Sunday, but I thought he was just being a baby. On Tuesday morning the hermana that fed us on Friday called us and asked if we were feeling sick because everybody in her house was sick, and had typhoid fever. They had figured out that if was from some guava juice that she had made us. I started to worry a little because I drank the same juice. My companion called the doctor and he told us he had to go to the hospital to get tested. They took some of his blood and they found that he had salmonella. We had to stay in the hospital that night while they gave him an IV with medicine and watched him closely. It was pretty boring for me, I just slept on this little tiny thing they called a bed that they had in the room. We had no idea we were going to stay in the hospital so we didn’t have any extra clothes or anything. We stayed the whole next day too, and they finally released him at about 7 that night. The reason why I didn’t get sick is that I was already taking antibiotics for my foot, and the doctor told me that those pills protected me. I’m super lucky especially because they gave my comp 5 injections that we’ve had to do every night. The doctor explained to me how to give an injection and ya I just learned how to it that night in my companions butt. The bad thing is that he’s as scared of needles as I am. I started to try and give him the shot at 10 the first night and he didn’t let me do it until midnight. I have some videos of me being Doctor Johnson that I wish the email would let me send to you guys. This week I’ve really wanted to work hard to make up for all the lost time we’ve had with our health issues. We found one really good family of 4 that I thought were golden, but they didn’t come to church because they had to work, so we’ll have to see what we can do to help them. I’ve been a little frustrated lately because my companion doesn’t have very much initiative. He’s a really nice guy though and we get along just fine. Yesterday we went and visited the sister of Sister K. When we got there, they actually had their whole family over and were having a party. They treated us just like family and gave us steak and shrimp and everything. They even offered us brandy and cuban cigars too, but we weren’t able to take those. One of the family members owns a training place for moto x, skateboarding, and bmx and they invited us to it and told us we can go for free whenever we want. We went today and jumped into the foam pit and everything, its super cool. Everything is going really good here, my foot is all better, and I’m really thankful that I was taking the medicine that saved me from salmonella. I’m glad to hear that guys are all doing really good and staying super busy with everything. I hope the baby Sadie gets feeling better, tell her I’m sorry for always picking her up. I got a card from you yesterday that you sent on June 1st. Thank you, it’s always really fun to get mail. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you! Elder Johnson

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