Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey Mom, So I found out last night that I won´t be changing tomorrow, but I´ll be staying in Texcoco with my same companion. I´m actually glad that I´m staying I really like Texcoco, and there’s still lots of work I want to do here. We´ve been working with H´s brother. He´s 19 years old and just got out of drug rehab not too long ago. He was living and selling drugs in Tepito, part of Distrito Federal. Tepito is the scariest part of the city, like Brooklyn or Harlem of New York City but worse. On Saturday he told us he wants to get baptized, so if everything goes as planned he should be able to get baptized on Sunday, I´m pretty excited. We´ve also found a couple other new investigators this week that came to church and are progressing really well. So I was walking underneath a power line the other day and all of a sudden I felt something wet on my neck. At first I thought that somebody had thrown something at me, but I rubbed it and it was freaking bird crap! The streets here are not maintained at all either and I was walking in the road the other day too and stepped in a man hole that wasn’t covered and got my whole leg soaked with muddy water. Today we had to go to the mission office to leave some papers of baptisms and things, and after we went downtown and I bought some cool ties and then we went to McDonald’s. That was definitely the highlight of my day, it was the first time I´ve eaten there since I´ve been in Mexico! I also had a conversation while I was downtown with a Chinese lady, but we both spoke Spanish, now that’s culture!! Thanks for sending me a birthday package, I´ll definitely be able to find somebody to bake the cake for me, I´ve got lots of really good friends here who take care of me. Have you heard anything from Sister K about her sister? When were they coming back to Mexico again? I haven’t heard anything from them but when I do I´ll let you know. That’s crazy Brocks going to jr high and that Connor is gonna be a senior, and I´m also gonna hit my 9 month mark this week, we´re all growing up on you! I hope you have a great week in Park City, let me know how Brockles does. I love you, thanks for everything. Elder Johnson
I went with the Big Mac. The fries taste the same as every other McDonalds. They were pretty much the best thing I have eaten in a while!!
We bought matching ties today in Distrito Federal because two of the missionaries from my district are leaving tomorrow.

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