Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

¡Hola Mom How’s everything going? What are you going to do now that Connor and Brock don’t have baseball for a little while? How were the parade and Fiesta Days? Sounds like you had a busy week traveling. This week has been pretty busy for me too. So with the exchanges they closed an area that was part of the Texcoco ward, because there wasn’t enough support from the leaders there. So now that area, Tepetlaoxtoc is now our responsibility too. Our area was already huge, but now it’s even bigger, the biggest in the mission. There are over 1 million people that live my area alone, 7 municipales(i cant remember how to say that word in English exactly) and 40 pueblos. We went to Tepetlaoxtoc on Thursday to try and talk to some of the members there to tell them we’re the new missionaries, but I got us super lost and we ended up wandering for 3 hours, around fields and cows and everything and ended up just finding a bus and going back to Texcoco. We went back on Saturday though and finally found the members we were looking for. One of the members there drove us to another pueblo, Chiautla where we supposedly ate the biggest tortas in Mexico, it was super good, but I honestly don’t know what was in it. That night we went and helped some of my recent converts, the C family, move all of their things to a new house. I’ve gotten super weak on the mission; a gym pass is definitely one of the first things I’m buying when I get home. Anyways after that the bishop bought us some tacos, and we went and saw the last girl we baptized in the hospital, because she had a baby. That night I got super sick, but I deserved it for eating so much greasy food from the street in one day with the torta and the tacos. I did exchanges in Chapingo another day this week with Elder H. We were walking from one pueblo to the other when a crazy rainstorm came, kind of like a flash flood and drenched us. We would have been drier if we just jumped in a pool or something. Anyways we saved some baby puppies from the rain on our way there, so it was pretty cool. While we were there with one of the families we had to lift a 25 year old guy who just had brain surgery from a car to their house that was like 200 yards away because cars can’t fit on the street they live on. We were both super tired after that. Yesterday morning I was with Elder H again at church because his companion had to go to another appointment and they had a baptismal service to do. Elder H doesn’t really speak Spanish all that great so I directed the program, and then while they were changing clothes I grabbed another kid to run with me to a house to bring an investigator to church because my companion still wasn’t back. We then finished the baptismal service then I ran to our own sacrament meeting. Sundays are super crazy here. D wasn’t able to get baptized because he hasn’t been home all week, but we have an appointment with him tomorrow so hopefully we can have a baptismal service this weekend. Now I’ve got to run to a different city, Chicoloapan to go to a meeting. Thanks for everything. Take care, I hope you have a great week, and keep me updated on everything. I love you, Elder Johnson

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