Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 11, 2012

Well Hello... This week has been really good; we baptized one 15 year old kid, named O. My companion baptized him as it will be the last baptism of his mission because he’s going home on Wednesday! We also found lots of new investigators that came to church yesterday. Speaking of church, it was really good that we had lots of investigators in sacrament meeting because our mission president was there. All he did was ´planch´ (planch means iron in Spanish, it’s like he grilled everybody) all of the members the first hour, and then we had the sacrament meeting the last hour after Sunday school and everything. Our mission president is a really good guy. He’s about a foot shorter than I am and loves to grill people too, he makes me laugh sometimes. He talks really fast too, like he’s from Guatemala, not like the people from here. Anyways tomorrow we have the exchanges, where I’ll be leaving my companion one day in the mission office and then he’ll go home Wednesday morning. I still don’t know who the new companion is I’ll be getting, I just hope it’s somebody that is clean. My companion right now is not very clean in the house and it’s been driving me crazy! But we’ve gotten along pretty well this last transfer. I’m really anxious to see who my new companion is going to be. All we’ve done for P day today is wash our clothes, clean the house, and then my companion has been packing. We’ve been teaching a ton this week and haven’t had time to do anything in the house. We should have a couple people that are ready to get baptized this weekend too. Anyways I gotta go; my companion wants to go say bye to everybody. Thanks for everything, I love you!

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