Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola Mom!
How's everybody doing? Have Connor and Brock gone back to school yet?
What did they do for New Year's? Our old bishop, Kelly Mills and his wife spoke to us last night and they did a great job. His wife was way funny. He's over all of the international MTC's in the world. Things here are going pretty good, today I'm going to do laundry and start packing all of my stuff up. I'm sick with a cough right now which is pretty lame because I haven't been sick my whole time here until of course right before I leave for the field. I'm also actually going to miss the MTC, and I'm kind of nervous to leave it. On New Year's Eve we stayed up until midnight and shot off a bunch of poppers, but then we were in bed at 12:05. As soon as I find out what my address is in Idaho, I'll let you know. I actually traded an elder the Mountain Dew you sent me a couple weeks ago for a pair of gloves to stay warm in Boise, so no need to send me any. Every night a bunch of elders on my floor go around and trade ties and it's pretty fun, and then last night one elder really wanted my Mountain Dew (it's all about supply in demand at the MTC), so I gave it to him for a sweet pair of leather dress gloves. They're kind of like what James Bond would wear. They have thinsulate in them so they'll be perfect for Idaho. My new roommates are really cool. One is from Tropic, Utah and he has a ranch on the Paunsagaunt! They own a bunch of private land with deer on it and he told me if I ever get a tag down there he would let me hunt it! My other roommate is really cool too, he's from Atlanta, Georgia and his dad owns Liberty Title. Have you ever heard of them? I guess they have offices in 48 states. The mail room is closed today for New Year's so I'll send everything home on Tuesday. I'll email you when I'm done packing and tell you how many boxes are at Postmart. The branch presidency told me that I can call you from the airport in SLC, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I sent you my travel plans and a letter on Saturday, hopefully you'll get them before I leave. I don't think you guys need to send me anything before I go to Boise, the only thing that I would like is a scarf, but I can just buy one when I get there. Thanks so much for everything.
Te amo!
Elder Johnson

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