Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey Mom
This week has been really fun, but we haven't been able to teach too many people. We found the first week I was here that almost all of the investigators that we had were actually out of our area, (we call it poaching) so we had to hand them off to the Boise Spanish Elders. We've done quite a bit of tracting this week in other trailer parks and have found a couple of potential investigators. I still usually have no idea what’s going on in Spanish so I just nod my head and smile most of the time. Still no word on the Visa. I could leave tomorrow or in 2 months. The videos you sent me wont work on the computers we've been using at the church, but hopefully we'll email somewhere else next time so I can watch them. The pictures work though and I've been able to see all of them.

One day this week we went and did service on a ranch- Mexican style. It was way pretty fun we put up a fence and stuff like that. The Mexican guy we were working for gave us these Serrano peppers to try during lunch, and it was so hot I started crying and everything I couldn’t help it. I downed 2 Pepsi’s and it was still burning, I don’t know what I'm going to do in Mexico! We still have dinner appointments every night, usually the foods pretty good.

Have fun in Loa that sounds way fun. Keep me updated on how everybody's doing in basketball and everything. The address for the mission home should be the best one; I think they forward everything to us. Make sure you put my full name on it though, there’s more than one Elder Johnson. I'll try to send you some pictures and videos.

I really do love what I'm doing, it's been quite the adventure already, and I've learned and grown so much. Thanks for everything!

Elder Johnson

It looks chilly in Boise!
Lots of geese in Boise!
Christmas Eve in the MTC with Elder Olson
Christmas Eve with two of his best friends, Elder Olson and Elder Kemp
Happy New Year from the MTC!

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