Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Hey Mom, Wow that’s way cool you and all the other moms got to go talk about your missionaries yesterday, I’m sure that was way fun for everybody. I’ve still been incredibly busy, now I’m just learning to get used to it because almost every week this last month has been crazy. On Wednesday I had to go again to the visa office to give my fingerprints and sign some more papers. The Mexican government office I had to go to is like 2 and a half hours away from my area so its hard having to go there because we always waste like half of the day in the metro and on the bus. On Thursday we had multi-zone conference, it was really good but pretty long too. It was fun to see some of friends from the other zone that we were with. We had a baptism on Saturday. Columba and her niece Fernanda got baptized. They’re both super cool and at first told us they didn’t want to get baptized or anything like that, they just liked listening. They actually got to know the missionaries a long time ago. We did a lesson on the plan of salvation last week and the Spirit was super strong. Then they came last Sunday to Stake Conference with us and hear Elder Cook speak and the day after we visited them and Columba told us, "guess what boys, we’ve decided we’re getting baptized". I was so super happy when she told us that, and yesterday Columba was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. They’re both super excited about the gospel and have been sharing it with their friends and family, actually they’re going to accompany us tomorrow to visit one of their friends. President Morales called me today and told me that they’re probably going to send another companionship to my district, and that they would get here next week when the cycle ends. We’ve been receiving lots of blessings here and have been having lots of success so they’re going to send another companionship to our ward so we can work even more, I’m pretty excited it will be great to have another companionship here. Hey, was there anything really valuable in the valentine box you sent me? I still haven’t gotten it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. The Easter box hasn’t gotten here either, when did you send it? I hope you guys have a great time in Vegas and California, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty jealous but it’s all good, I’ll just go when I’ll be back. Well I got to run I hope you have a great week, be careful, I love you! Elder Johnson Baptism of Columba and Fernanda This is the first deer I have seen in Mexico! Me in front of the Church of Guadalupe At the Plaza, a mall just like at home! Me with Hermano Feliz

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