Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hey Mom! How's everything going? That's crazy its already baseball season. Send me some action shots of Con and Brock and everything else from the Sunshine Tournament. I'm sick about Connor's back though, I hope he can still have a great year, what will he have to do to get it all better when the season's over? I saw your sharing time idea it looks way cool, I'm glad it went so well. I'm glad you're finally getting some more sun in Utah, its been really hot again here this week. That's awesome you got to go to Miss Spanish Fork and everything. Well here's the weekly update on everything that's happening in Xochitenco... The apartment I'm in now is a lot nicer than the last one, we have a little kitchen and a tile floor. We still have to light the boiler every morning, that's how about every house here is. Sometimes the water tank on our roof runs out and we have to go downstairs and turn the pump on so that the tank on top fills up again. There's no water pressure here so that's why the water tanks are always on top of the roof I think. Is Austin in the South or the East mission? That would be way cool if we were in the same mission. Where is President Crickmore from? I'll be fine staying in my mission or going to open up the Chalco mission, I'll be happy to do whatever President and Lord want me to do. This week has been another hectic week. I was on division from Monday night to Thursday with another missionary from my district. They have a couple that wants to get baptized but isn't married and to get married you have to have a birth certificate and the hermana doesn't have one and she's from another state so another elder and I went clear to the center of DF Thursday morning to try and get her certificate but we ended up not being able to but we were able to get it sent from her state and it should get here in like 10 days. It was confusing because I don't know a thing about how Mexico's government is set up. When we left the government office there were some guys outside that offered us pirated documents, I honestly wanted to do it but the other missionaries told me not to. I guess it's probably best to do it the right way, even though the black market birth certificate would have been way faster. My comp and I were going to have a baptism this week as well, but the hermano couldn't pass his interview because of some serious past sins. It was really sad and I got kind of frustrated but I think all of this is happening because the Lord wants me to learn patience. Quentin L Cook is going to speak to our whole mission on Saturday, and then on Sunday he's actually going to be visiting the stake I'm in, so I'm one of the few missionaries that will get to see him twice. He's coming with Elder Johnson (cool name huh?) of the 70. I'll let you know how it goes. Well I got to go and prepare my district class, I hope you guys have a great week in St. George and everything. Be sure to send me lots of pics and let me know how everything goes. I love you! Elder Johnson

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