Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey mom! Everything is well in Xochitenco! The ward here is really good, and the Bishop and the other leaders support and help us a lot with lots of references and activities. This week we’re actually going to do a movie night in the church and invite lots of investigators. My companion is way cool and we get along and work really well together. He’s been on the mission 6 weeks longer than me, he goes home in September. His dad loves to hunt and asked him today about going deer or elk hunting in Utah ha. They don’t really duck hunt just big game and turkey. My comps the only member in his family, he has a really cool conversion story I’ll tell you when I have more time. The sister with the health problems and her daughter will be getting baptized on Saturday and then on Sunday another family is getting baptized! The area here isn’t really pretty, but our area is pretty big and I like it here. Our new house is a lot nicer than my last one, and we even cleaned it super good this morning you would be so proud! We don’t live with members or anything, it’s an apartment. I never got the memory card; I’ll let you know when I do. Thanks for the Valentines Day package; I’ll let you know when I get it. Thanks for all the pictures this week; it looks like everything is going great. Wow that’s crazy you’re making bread, what kind are you making?! Today we just cleaned the house and everything and then went and ate with a less active member. Our p days end at 5 pm now, it kind of stinks that they took an hour away from us but it’s all good. Today at 5 o’clock we have a class and then we’re going to do two family home evenings with the two families that are getting baptized this week. I will for sure send pics. Sorry I’m so rushed its, cuz we don’t have very much time and we’re trying to be 100 percent obedient! The bishop here is way cool; it’s a way better environment for the missionaries, that’s why there are 6 of us here! I’m really loving my time here right now we’re working super hard, being obedient and having fun while we’re doing it. I love you! Elder Johnson

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