Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 19, 2012

Hola everybody! How’s everybody doing? That’s weird that Thanksgiving is this week I had really pretty much forgotten about it, Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here. That’s way cool you’ll be having the missionaries over, I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it. So today I don’t have very much time sorry its because we went to downtown Mexico City today where all the cool stores and everything is. "Buen Fin" started on Friday and lasted until today and it’s the Mexican equivalent of Black Friday in the US so there were lots of good deals in the stores today and I bought a cool suit and like 8 ties. Well first things first; I’ve mastered boiling eggs this week so when I get home if you ever need a boiled egg just tell me. I don’t eat the yolks though just the white part so no need to worry about my cholesterol. Actually maybe you do need to worry about my cholesterol, you see a member in our ward just started his own taco stand and he gives us free tacos whenever we walk by. The taco stand leads to another story, we went to his house the other day and he asked us if we could help him move a little cart down 2 floors on son pretty scary staircases that don’t have a rail. I really wasn’t too worried until we got up onto his roof and it was a giant stainless steel taco stand. Well anyways we moved it down in the first flight of scary stairs ok, but when we got the other scary flight of stairs that was even smaller my rather chubby companion couldn’t fit to help us so it was just the brother and me carrying it. For some reason he dropped the cart and it happened to land right on my big toe. After swearing in my head in Spanish we finished moving it down really fast. It hurt pretty badly at first and they told me to take my shoe off and a grandma rubbed some magic cream on it that was supposed to help. I’m not sure if it was the magic cream or if The Lord blessed me but the next day it didn’t really hurt at all and I’ve been able to walk everywhere just fine. Blessings of being a missionary! A couple weeks ago a 13 year old girl contacted us in the street, and ever since then we’ve been working really hard with their family. This family has hard lots of big problems, but we’ve been really trying to help them and they’ve found comfort in the gospel. The son that would be 20 years old right now just like me was actually kidnapped by a gang about 2 years ago and held for ransom. After doing everything they could, the police called the mom and told her that they had found a body in a canal close by. She went to the scene and after watching the police pull the body out saw that it was her son. I have no idea how somebody could cope with something like that happening. We’ve really been trying to help her a lot and she really changed after we taught her the plan of salvation with the cutouts you sent me. She’s divorced, but her and her oldest daughter got baptized on Saturday, and the other daughter will be turning 8 on December 5th and already wants to get baptized as well. Thanks so much for everything guys, sorry the letter is kind of short this week. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and have a good time with the missionaries and everything. I love you!

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