Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 14, 2012

¡Hola! It was way fun to talk to and see you guys yesterday. I’m glad everybody’s doing so well. I told you guys pretty much all the important stuff, so I don’t really have a whole lot to say today. Today we’ve cleaned the house, washed our clothes, took a nap, and went and ate some tortas with the other missionaries. Every week on Monday we have to email the Mission President too and let him know how everything’s going. I’ve been emailing back and forth with Brock, and took the extra time today to email my friends too so sorry the email’s not going to be too long. So we had a family of 9 people that we thought we were going to baptize this coming Sunday, but they didn’t show up to church yesterday, and we have no idea why so this week we’ll have to check with them and see what’s up, and see if they’re really prepared to get baptized this week. We also need to check up with Miguel and his wife too to make sure they come to church too so we can confirm them. We also found a new family this week, and the wife said that she had a dream of me 2 or 3 months ago where i told her we were going to church, and she didn’t know what church that was. It was a crazy cool experience, and it helped me realize that here in this pueblo in Mexico is where i need to go. There are 2 new gringos in our district that just got here 2 weeks ago. It’s hilarious to hear them try and speak Spanish, and know that I was once that bad. It makes me feel good with my own Spanish though, and I realize how much I’ve improved. Keep giving me up the updates on everybody, it’s fun to hear what’s going on. It was so great to talk to you guys, I miss you a lot, but I know I am where I need to be, here in Mexico. I love you! Elder Johnson

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