Monday, February 25, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hey mom, So the dream comp is now officially over, tomorrow we have to go the changes meeting. My comp is going to another area, and I’m going to be receiving a new greenie fresh from the MTC. I don’t know if he’s Latino or American because there are supposedly 4 new ones from the US and 4 from here. I’ll let you know everything next week. Today we’re just going to say goodbye to some of our converts and the other members and then he has to pack and then we’re going to a baptism of some of the other elders in our district tonight. This week has gone really good, but it has been a crazy week as well. I was actually only with my comp one day this week, and the rest of the week we were on divisions with the zone leaders and other missionaries. We had 2 baptisms this week of 2 cholo teenage boys. They’re really cool and they really have the desire to change and be better, something that most teenage boys like them don’t really care about. From seeing their friends and everything you can tell they hang out with a really rough crowd and but every time we pass by to teach them they ditch their friends and come with us, they’ve even invited their friends to listen to us as well. They got baptized yesterday after stake conference and their service was really special. Sorry I don’t have too much time this week either because we have to go and do a bunch of stuff to get ready for the new missionary tomorrow and my comp has to pack and everything but I hope you’re having a great time in Mesquite and keep up me updated on how everything goes. I love you! Elder Johnson Climbing to the attic to turn on the boiler to warm the water for the font. We left the boiler on too long and now it looks like we are in a sauna! Fish stew. It tasted pretty good but it was too much work! Baptism with Elder Benfit Rocking the matching sweaters! Elder Benfit saying some good byes.

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