Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012

Hey Everybody! They just told us that we can either call you guys on Christmas Eve like we had planned, or on Christmas Day. Which day would be better? I’m really fine either way, the only difference is that on Christmas Eve it would be in the afternoon and on Christmas day it would be a little earlier like at 11 or 12 or something so that we have time to eat the turkey and shrimp we bought today. Oh ya, today my companion and I bought an 8 kilogram turkey and the other 2 elders that are going to come over for the feast bought 2 kilos of shrimp. It should be pretty cool because we can’t go out in the streets that whole day so we’ll just eat a lot and then who knows what we’ll day the rest of the time. Actually this last Wednesday we couldn’t leave the whole day either because it was the Dia de Guadalupe, and that meant there were lots of fiestas. And a lot of fiestas means a lot of drunk people in the streets. It was pretty fun though we bought pizza with the other missionaries and played my new board game I bought and just chilled in the house. This week we’ve really focused on working with the members, and with doing that we were able to find some people through references and through other less active members. We didn’t baptize anybody this week, but A got confirmed and paid his first tithing yesterday. M couldn’t go to church because their baby girls were both sick and she didn’t sleep until 4 in the morning and our ward starts at 8 in the morning. They are some of the coolest converts I’ve baptized, and A´s dad lives by Cancun so I told him one day we’ll meet up there! There’s a family here that lives in our ward and their son is on a mission right now as well. They remind me a ton of you guys because they just want to do everything for us and love us as if we were their son. I know that for the sacrifices of our parents, (mostly the moms), the Lord blesses both our families and us as missionaries. I’ve seen so many blessings in different ways during my mission. The Lord is always guiding us to exactly where we need to be. I know that He protects us as well, and for as ugly as the environment here is, He always keeps us safe and out of harm’s way. I know that this church is true, and though we as members aren’t perfect, the Doctrine of Christ is and by living it we can really be happy and have joy, no matter what worldly possessions we have or in what circumstances we live. The true definition of joy is being well with God. I love you and can’t wait to talk to you guys this week. ¡Feliz Navidad! Elder Johnson I was washing my clothes so I kept it really classy with the red shiny shorts and white shirt...

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