Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013

Playing squash on P-day
Matching ties for General Conference
Restaurant named after my momma!
We made 500 sandwiches for Zone Conference!
Someone's pet iguana!
Palace of the Arts
Trip on the Metro
Hey Mom! That’s cool Brock gets to go to the temple for the first time tomorrow. He hasn’t written me in a while, tell him to write me and tell me how it goes. Let me know how Con and Dad are doing in Canada, and all the fun stuff you do while they`re not home! So on Monday we didn’t have a P day once again because in the morning we went and supervised a zone meeting and then after we had our weekly meeting with President to talk about the whole mission, and then after that we made the calendar and planned all the big things for November. Afterwards President bought us hamburgers and we ate really fast and then went to the airport with him to drop off a sister from Ecuador who has some problems with her visa, but will come back in a few days. We also picked up a Mexican elder who had to go home for a couple of weeks to resolve his US residency for when finishes the mission in a year. When we were on the way home from the airport in Presidents car, I had fallen asleep and President told the other elders they were going to scare me, so he counted down on his fingers and they all screamed at the top of their lungs and ya of course it scared the crap out of me and I jumped out of my chair. Everybody got a pretty good kick out of it and they were laughing their heads off. We´re working with really cool family of 4 right now who is a referral from another family who got baptized like 4 months ago. 2 weeks ago we gave them a guided visit or "tour" of the church, teaching them about the commandment to keep the Sabbath day, the sacrament, the baptismal font, and we taught them about all the organizations and activities the church has to offer. The couple has a teenage girl and boy that is primary aged so they really liked how the church has things for each of them. This last Sunday they came to church and really liked it. Last night we had a family home evening with them. At the FHE they invited their extended family that are members, some from our ward and some from another stake, and they also invited one of their sisters that is not member who lives by them and also their nephew and niece that aren’t members. It was way cool, there were a ton of people there and we taught a really cool message to everybody and then played some funny games with them. They loved it and we`re going to teach them again tomorrow. They`re already reading the Book of Mormon and love to learn, they ask lots of questions and really have the desire to change. At first they told us they were Catholic and didn’t really seem very open to change and learning more but that has changed a ton since we first met them. I literally cannot believe I’ll be home in 2 weeks, the time has gone by so incredibly fast. I`m trying my hardest right now to buckle down and focus on this last little bit of time I have as a missionary, even though it’s hard, so that I can go home with no regrets. I love you mom thank you so much for helping to give me this opportunity to serve the Lords and for all the support you`ve given me these last 2 years. Love you!! Elder Johnson

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