Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hey Mom! How’s everything going? Are you ready for school to start? The M&M´s weren’t melted at all, everything got to me perfectly. I’m jealous you guys are going camping again; let me know how it goes. This week we were actually able to work really well, I think my companion got sick of me always dragging him around so he decided to cooperate and work a little harder this week. We found some new investigators that have lots of potential, and we should be baptizing D on Sunday. We also were able to baptize A yesterday, his service was really special. His wife is a member but was less active for lots of years. She showed up in the chapel one Sunday and we talked to her and everything and she told us her husband wasn’t a member but wasn’t interested in talking to us or anything. We told her we’d pass by her house to visit her and see how they were doing anyways. The first day we went there, about a month ago, he was outside and was avoiding us but after a minute he came into the house and started to talk to us and had lots of questions. From then on we kept passing by with him and last week he told us he wants to get baptized so that he can live with his wife and kids for eternity. He asked if I would baptize him and we made his service really special with a program and everything. One day this week, A´s wife asked us if we could cut their "grass" for them. It’s more like the field that’s at the end of scenic drive than an actual yard but anyways ya we showed up and they had a pair of scissors and a scythe, like the one the grim reaper uses to cut the grass. I hadn’t ever seen one of those in real life but it was fun to use and we cut almost all the grass in their yard, we were there for more than 5 hours. It was way cool to learn how to use a scythe!
Elder Alonso, of the 70 area presidency of Mexico came and visited our mission this week. We had a conference with him one day, and he taught us lots of really good things. He taught us to be direct with the people, and that the Lord’s elect are prepared to accept the gospel. He also told us that we shouldn’t ever baptize somebody that’s not ready to be baptized. With all the pressure the leaders put on us to baptize people, there are lots of people who get baptized before they’re ready and then they go inactive right after. President Morales taught us some good things too; he actually used to be an area 70 as well. We had to part our hair when Elder Alonso came to visit.
This week I ate cow liver tacos, is that safe? One guy told me that liver has clenbuterol in it so it’s not safe to eat but other people have told me that it’s fine. I only ate 1 taco because I didn’t like it very much. They tried to invite us to come back with them this week to eat some more but I had to hurry and tell them we already have another appointment that day and wouldn’t be able! One day we were with some of our recent converts and they had this super cool little plant that when you touch it, the plant moves. I think they saw that I was mesmerized by it and they gave it to me as a gift ha ha. We passed by with the C family yesterday and were able to talk with them for a while. We also watched part of the Olympics with them in their home theater and they fed us and gave us a bag full of food to take home to our house. It’s hard to pass by them a lot because they’re only in the house in our area on the weekends. Everything is going really good, and I’m glad that you guys are all doing good too. Let me know how everything goes this week! Thanks for everything, I love you! Elder Johnson

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